Square One Shopping Centre

I think it would've been better for those restaurants to be located in the city centre itself so as to encourage a street life for MCC. Unfortunately Square One sucks out any potential soul of its surrounding area, and the snobby term "vertical suburbia" unfortunately holds true for MCC. Office development could be a step in a better direction but only if mixed use is encouraged for any potential office developments in the area
Wow! Reading the above posts, I thought it was just me. I have had only one reason to be in Square One. GO Transit makes me go there. It's surreal, to say the least. I remember cycling through Mississauga long distance from Toronto to Kitchener years, OK, decades back, and wondering what those odd shapes were rising out of the middle of nowhere.

The only thing that has changed is that there's hordes of people, but it's still 'nowhere'. I guess a great place to be if one's an addicted shopaholic. I even resent why the GO routes take on a promenade in a big circle around the place just to get away from it, while the Miway buses, at least the expresses, go straight to the Busway.

Perhaps it does serve a purpose in showing urbanites just how horrific suburban life can be. What an awful place...

As an aside, I now take the 25 or 29 GO bus from the west returning into Toronto, which necessitates changing at Sq One, where I usually take the Miway 109 Express to Islington Station, then the TTC to Dundas West. And about a month ago, there was an announcement by GO (as detailed in a story here at UT) that the 29 bus was to extend to the Rathburn loop, since the station there is behind schedule. Perfect for me, as the TTC was to run a bus there from Kipling, and that would be one less change.

Stupid me. I believed them. Both GO and TTC have fallen through on this, albeit GO does run the 40 and 19 bus from Sq One to Rathburn, so I blithely changed off of a 29 onto a 40 at Sq One to try and catch a TTC link to the subway, cutting out the Miway link.

Duh! The only bus TTC run from Rathburn loop is to the Eglinton West Subway station. There is absolutely no sign at the GO stop (shared with Miway) as to where the TTC stops are. Myself and another were left wandering to find them. In the end, I just hopped on a 109 Express to Islington after all. I should have just changed at Sq One had I known.
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Square one is hosting a tenant meeting for their West Expansion Project which includes the Former Target and west end. They're providing renderings, details on project scope and timelines for completion. Meeting takes place on Thursday September 21st 8:30am - 9:15 in the Microsoft Store, by rsvp only
https://mediafiles.cineplex.com/pre...Room at Square One FINAL_20170515123725_0.pdf


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Any word on the vacant movie theater and lower level space? Leasing plan simply shows it as "Redevelopment".
Any word on the vacant movie theater and lower level space? Leasing plan simply shows it as "Redevelopment".
Nothing is happening. It almost looks like Empire left yesterday. There have been a couple of Corporate events in there.
There are still the whispers in the background that Cineplex will not stay where it is. The official City plan indicates condos (surprise!) on the site. They have also begun an EA to push Living Arts Dr through from Rathburn to Centre View Dr. If the theatre is staying, it is not necessity do build this road.
Thats too bad, I was hoping this "West Expansion Project" that was discussed back in September would include the theater space. That being said, I have always speculated that Cineplex would move in there if they are forced out once the lands between Rathburn and the 403 are redeveloped. That entire stretch should be high density office buildings in my opinion.
This was just posted on CBC. http://www.cbc.ca/news/business/ghermezian-family-new-mall-new-jersey-1.4478295
I would give credit to Square One concerning upkeep and maintenance. When I worked at West Edmonton Mall (owned by the same family as American Dream) a lot of areas needed work. I doubt Square One will ever have an indoor theme/waterpark. I could see a Hotel/Convention Centre with possible Residential when the LRT runs along Duke of York. Possibly where the movie theatre and entrance 4 are.
...if TO wins the big prize and the Mississauga location is chosen. The first isn't likely, but possible. The later pretty much not going to happen. It's a marketing exercise for Mississauga and that's about it.
Interesting Recently Released Facts About Square One

by Ashley Newport on January 30, 2018
While most people know Square One is a good place to dine and shop in Mississauga, few probably think about the hard--but fun--numbers associated with the ever-evolving (and ever more chic and stylishly designed) shopping centre.

A recent study commissioned by the Retail Council of Canada breaks down Canadian malls by a series of interesting numbers (such as how many sales they make per square foot) and has revealed a few fun facts that you might not know about Mississauga's most iconic—and ever changing—mall.

For one thing, the study finds that Square One is one of the top 10 malls in Canada in terms of sales by square feet. It comes in after Yorkdale and the Eaton Centre, but beats out Sherway Gardens, Mapleview Shopping Centre in Burlington and Scarborough Town Centre.

It's also the third largest mall in Canada in terms of square footage. The largest is the West Edmonton Mall (3,200,000 sq. ft.), followed by the Eaton Centre (2,098,754 sq. ft.).

Take a look at some interesting numbers--and see how the mall stacks up against its local and national counterparts--below:

$1,064 - Square One sales per square foot

($1,653 - #1 Yorkdale Shopping Centre)

1,904,595 square feet - Square One size

(3,200,000 Sq. Ft - #1 West Edmonton Mall)

Anchors over 50,000 square feet:

Walmart - 220,000 sq ft

Hudson's Bay - 188,000 sq ft

Holt Renfrew - 140,000 sq ft

La Maison Simons 113,000 sq ft

23,000,000 - Square One Annual Pedestrian Count

(50,100,000 - #1 Toronto Eaton Centre)

8,704 - Square One Parking Spaces

(21,152 - #1 West Edmonton Mall)

Expansion/Renovation Plans?

The RCC offers a definitive "YES" to this question, adding that a north-west expansion plans in the works for the mall that recently welcomed a new luxury store wing (complete with Holt Renfrew, Jamie's Italian and Starbucks).