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Edward Skira
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Apr 22, 2007
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Hi all,

We have just launched a brand new website. It is called SkyriseCities,and it is a world version of UrbanToronto. It contains almost 3000 projects from 282 cities worldwide. It follows the UT format of an integrated urban site featuring news, database, map and forum. Our full launch is coming in the next few weeks but in the meantime we are giving you as UT members a first look at the beta release. You can login to the SRC website using your existing UT user name and password.

You'll notice that we've made some major changes to the UT Forum. Some forum sections have been changed and some threads are being moved to better integrate into the SRC Forum. The other significant changes you'll notice are in the former Project & Construction section. It is now called "Buildings" and we've merged in the low-rise projects. Thread titles have now been automated for projects that have a dataBase page in the format CITY | Project | Height | Storeys. This has also been done to integrate into the main SRC Forum. You'll see that each project on SRC has only one thread. The main one lives at the city level but you can also find it in the dynamic height-based sections at the top of the main SRC Forum page.

This is a big endeavour and we hope you'll enjoy what we've built. Please leave comments here.


Edward Skira
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