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Simpsons Tower Nightime Lighting

I don't know much about lighting....but I have a thought...what if they "mirrored" ...could be glass or stainless steel or something else....and ran minimal LED or fluorescent or solar lighting around the would be reflected and create a band of colour on top. Thoughts?
I think the fundamental point is to maintain the "vertically fluted" effect...
adma...I always value your opinions...but I don't know what you mean by that...please explain...thanks
Note the present "lit crown" configuration, and you'll know what I'm talking about re "vertically fluted"...
Why isn't Commerce Court still lit up like this? It was beautiful:

Aside from the weather beacon, didn't the Canada Life Building used to be illuminated at night also?
One of the few pics i found with the Simpson Tower lit up in the background, I hope they light the tower up for the cavalcade of lights this Xmas.

Nice photo - it helps explain adma's "vertical fluting" comment.

As for the orange lighting - it likely wasn't supposed to be orange - but white light created by high pressure sodium bulbs which have a decidedly orangy tint. They are fairly energy efficient and have a decent life expectancy, as you don't want to be out on rooftops changing light bulbs every couple of months. Most architectural flood are now metal halide, which a more blueish white. They don't last quite as long but look much better.
Its ever so slightly lit up here in this recent pic, or maybe that's just how it looks turned off


And its present in the Trump render:

If you know where to look, you'll see it illuminated here
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The lighting is back, though if you look at the very first post in this thread it is not nearly as bright. Not a great photo or great lighting but....
They better not leave it like that or it will look strange. Wasn't the colour of the lights originally white? This appears more amber than I remember them being in the past. Anyone care to email the building's landlord, or whoever oversees building maintenance, to get more information?