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Sealed and Polished Concrete Floors, How much?

I managed to get exposed and stained concrete floors in my loft from the developer in Denver and I love it (was bought new from the developer).

The floors were supposed to be covered in solid (not engineered) oak hardwood floors and the builder asked me what kind of flooring or finish I wanted and I asked if they not put any flooring flooring and I will finish it myself and will take the credit for the value of it. The builder was able to accommodate this which I was happy with and I went with an exposed concrete floors (they were in good condition) and had it acid stained As the final finish which looked really good and was maintenance-free.
I had two applications of ebony acid stain (an almost black, dark brown) and a application of turquoise which subtly brought out the natural highlights of the concrete and made it look like natural stone.

Here are some photos: