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Rob Ford's Toronto

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Just so I have this straight:

Lisi is in the middle of a criminal trial regarding his alleged extortion tactics while trying to recover the first crack video. Guy gets shot in the Dixon hood and this guy turns out to be the brother of the alleged extortion victim. And one of the first people on the scene to offer support and comfort to the shooting victim is Rob Ford? Because he was "in the area doing constituency calls".

Really? Once again, here's this wildly incredible story of fantastic coincidence being delivered to me with a straight face and the assumption that I'll just swallow what's presented.

If I was Giroux, my eyebrows would be raised so high they'd recede into my hairline.
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sweetlou;984510) Is that not somewhere on the spectrum between 'unwise' and 'possibly the most stupid thing ever'? My head is exploding.[/QUOTE said:
I like that ford and his assistant were in different places. I can just hear that plan hatching. So.... you visit Mrs. Smith on the third floor, I'll just see how the nice couple on six is doing with their ceiling cracks. Well meet in say hour. Puhleeeze
Page 104 in part 2 of the November 2013 ITO:

"An ongoing Star investigation of the Ford video and matters surrounding it reveals that in the
days after news of the video broke, Lisi and Ford's "logistics director," David Price, were on a
mission to obtain the video, which Ford was publicly saying did not exist. Two Star reporters who
viewed the video have described an obviously impaired Mayor Ford smoking what appears to be
crack cocaine and making homophobic and racist remarks in response to goading questions from
a man not seen in the video.

In one attempt to retrieve the video, soon after news of its existence broke on May 16, Lisi paid
visits to the Etobicoke house where a group of men from the Dixon Rd. community involved in the
crack cocaine trade were known to hang out. The bungalow is home to Fabio and Elena Basso,
both friends of Ford.

"Where are the guys who made the video, Fab, "Lisi said, according to a witness who was
present. "You know where they are. "

Fabio Basso, a quiet man, was nervous. "They're gone. Out of town. Gone to Windsor," said
Basso. The Star does not know what Lisi did with that information.
A day later, just before midnight, Fabio, his girlfriend, and Fabio's mother were assaulted by an
unknown attacker brandishing an expandable baton who broke into their home. No charges have
been laid in the attack

Around the same time that Lisi was asking about the video, Ford's "logistics director" and
former football coach David Price, was pursuing leads in the.Dixon Rd. community of highrises
where the Star reporters viewed the video. Price was making phone calls, seeking the
whereabouts of the video."

More amazing coincidences, folks!
I remember Gary Giroux saying that investigations can go cold and then something happens and then people start this last shooting with Ford in the vicinity an example of this?
“He wouldn’t say anything,” the Ward 2 councillor said. “He was shot once in the shoulder and twice in the lower body. It was bad.”
But the man, he said, was coherent.

and yet...“I don’t know where it happened for sure but I think it was the underground because no one heard the gunshots.”

So he didn't hear anything....but he already "figures" it was in an underground. A place made of concrete. Which carries sounds like gunshots very well.

this guy.

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