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Rob Ford's Toronto

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Serious question: Is Michael Ford high-functioning autistic?

That's the first time we've seen him speak. My wife works with autistic kids and we both looked at each other in wonder - both thinking the same thing.
Cynthia Mulligan @CityCynthia
Doug Ford talking w @CityTomHayes, says he'll never say never to running in politics again #topoli #cityvote
One bit of good news.

Why is that good news? You want Doug Ford back in TO politics? LeDrew seems to be openly lobbying for Doug to get a job in Tory's administration....
Almost 1 million people voted. 61% of the electorate. A pretty good sample size.

1 in 3 voted for Doug Ford. Think about it.

He also wasn't the only conservative candidate. His campaign wasn't exactly well-planned and professional.

His brother Rob got 383,501 votes in 2010. Doug got 331,023. And he didn't have $60 VRT to bribe us with.

That doesn't say good things.
Sigh. Andray in third place, single digit support? That hurts. We worked so hard.


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I think every incumbent that was running won their ward, except for John Parker.

It really all comes down to name recognition, doesn't it? Most people don't know who the fuck they're voting for, they just know they've seen the name.

And you've got to wonder what Parker did to not get re-elected. Going by the rest of the results he must have been caught murdering children in front of a church or something.
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