News   May 24, 2024
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News   May 24, 2024
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News   May 24, 2024
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Rob Ford's Toronto

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That happened yesterday.

I can't even IMAGINE how RoDoFo would handle this if it happened in Toronto (spits - god forbid). They would release all kinds of information and probably get muzzled by the cops. Not to mention using it to politicize everything.
After seeing some tweets about heightened security at City hall and how some doors are now accessible by card only, I have a minor question.

It has been discussed that while RoFo can't hire his brother to work for him, DoFo might 'volunteer' to get around it. Would he be eligible for a pass card, parking pass (if they have that), etc? Can a councillor have those things given out to non-staff? Would make it hard to DoFo to quietly get in at night to roll his brother out after a night on the town.
With my Toronto-centric state of mind I thought if this were to happen in Canada it would happen here. Now my wife is insisting we move to a small town...seriously

Try Ripley if you looking west....Tweed if you are looking east....Burks Falls if north is your preference and Port Dover if south is your cup of tea...
Ford Hail Mary tricks?

If there are any media bombs coming out, I'm expecting Robbie to try to bump the sympathy vote by getting himself hospitalized. Or by the weekend anyway, if only to force his loving family to congregate in his hospital room to watch the returns.

Still won't be enuf for the Fords to force me to vote for a Harris/Harper Tory.

Yes it does seem as if the sympathy bump has plateaued at about 8% doesn't it?
I am curious about people unsure if the shootings today are terrorism. Shooting in a public place, killing a soldier and attempting to fire on government is terrorism. 3 people are wounded in hospital and they think one or two people are still at large. The downtown is locked down. Yes, this is terrorism, we just don't know the motivation.

Agree! Domestic terrorism; lone-wolf terrorism - still terrorism. Timothy McVeigh was a lone nutjob with a grudge against the government over the Waco thing - he's called a terrorist by all sources, and rightly so IMO.
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