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Rob Ford's Toronto

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Makes ya wonder what Bruno's debit card was about--the one Ford gave him that draws from his account.

Yeah, is this new info?

Man, it's nights like these that make me think that Brazen is ongoing in directions that have yet to be revealed. Directions that are deeper than Rob Ford, and will eventually come to fruition. Is this increased "chatter" from you a sign of dots being put together by the right people, Jimmi? Or is just a side effect of the cozy confines of a liquor blanket...
If the judge is actually *in* judge regalia in the crack-smoking video, that's amazing.

That's why I wonder if Kathy Ford simply borrowed her moms boyfriends robes. No real judge would wear their get up on this situation
Can we confirm that the NJ Lawsuit is still before the courts?

We only have Robyn's FOI stuff, and unless they settled already then it will begin Nov. 10, I'm hoping they won't settle since there a winner and loser, justify the info and indemnify Wise.

Dougie hates having family dirty laundry aired in public, it's hard on the their rewritten history, and hard on trying to be An International Man of Mystery.
Christ, at this stage nothing would surprise me. Rob Ford smoking crack in a suit in broad daylight, Randy with a garbage bag full of weed and a scale and Kathy stealing toothbrushes from a retail shop....what's next? Doug cooking meth in his election RV?

That would be fab. Do doubt a judge would be smoking the crack while in uniform; they generally keep that stuff at the office for court. Then again, this whole story is crazy.
With Deco losing money, huge legal bills (which might include Sandros too) and two expensive drug habits to finance it seems more plausible now that Rob sought other sources of income.

Y'know, this is another case where I was one of the first, if not *the* first, in this thread to openly speculate on the "unthinkable" re the Fords--i.e. Deco not being in as good shape as they were letting on...
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....what's next? Doug cooking meth in his election RV?

I doubt it.

But, I did read some speculation that it may be used to haul Rob along the campaign trail, on days when he feels up to it.

I believe this is fresh.

Doug Ford rides on Rob’s coattails in community housing

The new candidate is pushing for TCHC residents’ votes, claiming he’s worked ‘day in and day out’ for them. But has he?
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Anyways, for those still not convinced of the privilege thing (hi typezed!) you should really look no further than Rob Ford. His idiocy should have disqualified from every job on earth except maybe sweeping the floors at Deco. Instead he's the fucking mayor of Toronto!!!
Rob Ford isn't representative of any larger group. He's a special story. I don't know that his ability to dodge all consequence (but cancer) is the result of his fair pink skin or his maleness so much as his shamelessness. I remember that after a debate a couple months ago organized by some black citizens group where carding was discussed I mentioned here my disappointment that neither Chow or Tory thought to highlight the difference in the way the police and other authorities respond to the Mayor's criminality versus the way they treat some black kid on the street. So I'm not unaware that some people have advantages others don't. I'm even aware that I have some as a white male. Privilege as it is used here is a social science theory; it's a framework. Does it describe observable dynamics? Sure. But it is some universal force that shapes everyone's fortune? Not really. I see it being tossed around freely lately. Maybe because unlike racism it requires no action from its perpetrators, just passive acceptance, so it can be applied so widely. Plus it has that irresistable argument hammer within it. Anyone who doubts any claims needs to "check their privilege".

Like Ford, Tory is a special situation. His place in the world is the result of tremendous advantages granted him as the son of a guy who was advisor and best buddies with a couple of Canada's richest men. He's 1%. As a white guy who has never really thrived in the world (mostly my own fault, but whatever) I don't know that I want him nodding in agreement and spewing platitudes on the supposed advantages that I'm said to share with him. Anyway, Tory's good fortune of birth seems to make him a bit tone-deaf sometimes. I'm not so sure he keeps up with what the activist university kids are discussing these days.
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For those unaware, this is Tory's full quote:

John Tory full statement: “White privilege? No, I don’t know that it does. I think there are people left behind, and what I think they need is a hand up from people of all skin colours and religions and backgrounds.”

So he clearly does acknowledge the existence of a societal disadvantage towards some people. So... out of touch Tory or media spin? I think the latter.
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I am incredibly bored, at home, on Saturday night so went to that 43 Down page and started looking at the profiles of the people who support it. This is a page one of the supporters started. She's obviously a TCHC tenant who is very upset with TCHC, but yet she supports the Fords. She's had nothing but problems with TCHC, spoke to Rob about it, and because she spoke to him (not because he actually did anything) she supports Doug. Sigh! She alleges a lot of things on that page from a sexual assault, to a TCHC board member (I think? It's kind of hard to follow) getting a 15 year old pregnant. Anyhoo, if you're bored, check it out. It's a wild, grammatically incorrect read.

Quite a few of the members only have other members as their fb friends and post mostly pro-Ford things (with some racist, sexist, anti-Liberal posts in between).
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Have any of you come across the "43 Down" movement ( to "fordify" city hall). There's a FB page:

Yep, they have been around for a while, they have been working on the premise of staking council with approved candidates. The Ford brothers have/had the same agenda, it was popular on the circle-jerk, like reducing the number of councillors. I don't know if they are affiliated with the brothers, or if the brothers just stole the idea for themselves. IHTWORF have been working with them in a limited way until today with Flagg announcing the approved 43D candidates at the Dougie event today.
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