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Rob Ford's Toronto

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It's almost as if she wants him to win.

I made an off-hand remark on Facebook earlier today that the best strategic vote for Chow supporters would be Ford. He would be unable to get consensus from council on any of his ideas leaving the middle and left-leaning councillors to essentially run the show.

Three cheers for weak mayors.

Further to that, the right-leaning councillors built the last budget on the hope that revenue from the Land Transfer Tax will be considerably higher than even the most optimistic estimates of staff. Whenever they voted through a spending increase, they'd just increase the LTT estimate again.

In short, in order to meet the arbitrary increase the Fords had declared, they set Toronto up for the very real possibility of a big tax increase next year.

And I'd just as soon not see the Left being blamed again for cleaning up their mess.
I wouldn't put too much stock into the paragraph on Randy's declining bonus.
He's just trying to hide income in divorce court.
well there were many other sources in the article saying that DECO is floundering. And saying that Doug & Randy fight like cats and dogs. So I doubt Doug cuts Randy the same cheque no matter what the financial situation. The fact that he's had to dip into family money to keep things going is a sign of trouble too. no wonder Rob's running for the easy-money councillor job.

I agree with the idea that it is systemic and have seen a number of glaring instances in the career of my spouse and other women I know.

I think though that JT just has a way of putting his foot in his mouth around some of these issues. Consider each of OC, JT and DoFo as a boss. Olivia likely has the most awareness and immediate understanding of what women might face in advancing in the workplace but I suspect the difference between how she evaluates a woman's capability is only very slightly different than Tory's. DoFo must be a nightmare to work for if you are a woman. Perhaps only slightly less so if you are a man because you can at least trot out the old "How about those Leafs, eh?" line and paste on a stupid smile and he'd give you the credibility that he wouldn't a woman.

I think Rob's love of sports is genuine, but I don't think Doug actually gives a f*ck. I doubt he watches hockey on his own time. The Maple Leaf Square appearance was just for campaigning.
That photo Scarberian posted of Mack Sennett's Keystone Cops from silent movie days in regards to our 'beloved' police force exactly mirrors my own thoughts on the subject. Recently, when I've been contemplating my own made-up fantasy documentary about the Fords, I've mentally substituted footage of the KC for Toronto police whenever our local cops come up in my imaginary narrative. With Chief Wiggum from the Simpsons standing in for Bill Blair.

You know, when this whole ugly saga is finally over & done with for good, I'm not sure that the Toronto police force isn't going to come out of it looking the absolute worst of all the participants....and that's including the Family Ford. (The least you can say for the Fords is that they know how to fight and they don't back down.) When literally everyone who should have been standing up for the general public ends up failing or shirking their duty to a degree that's shocking to witness, that's really saying something.

But I've heard Doug described as a "mid-level dealer", i.e., someone who took significant weight from bigger people bringing hash into Canada, and in turn supplied a number of small-time dealers. If this is accurate, it's not "no big deal", but I'd be happy to hear anyone's corrections.

Tha's my understanding, that there was genuine criminality involved in Thug's drug dealing days. It wasn't simply a matter of him peddling a few reefers to his high school buddies after class, as the Fords' apologists would have us believe.
... Tha's my understanding, that there was genuine criminality involved in Thug's drug dealing days. It wasn't simply a matter of him peddling a few reefers to his high school buddies after class, as the Fords' apologists would have us believe.
Doug was renowned for adding 10% more weight to every order and charging customers for the extra hash.
The Agenda | TVO ‏@TheAgenda
Paikin: What do you like least about being a politician? Doug Ford: "the personal attacks on your family. On your business." #AgendaTVO

hahah. Clearly he knew the article was coming out. They are all so predictable. No wonder Robbie has Worms visit him. I actually bet that Doug sets that shit up and Rob goes along cause it's fun. Worms isn't much smarter so having Dougie orchestrate everything must be easy. I'm sure he sells them all on the idea that nothing will stick. Akin to his murder on the steps comment.

I really hope one day this ordeal is made into an entire textbook on dysfunction and mental illness.
Re "White Privilege" soundbite; while many might ignore it, what it serves to do is draw some of the more left-leaning-beat-Ford Tory supporters to Chow.

As for Doug and Deco - so they're incompetent and slimy. No surprise.

The White Privilege thing is being so blown up by the Chow people. In fairness, that's what you do in an election campaign.

I'm the sort who finds people at either extreme insane. I don't understand the Pro-Chow-No-Matter-What types, who clearly think that Tory is just Doug Ford With a Better Vocabulary; a guy who thinks women are stupid and there is no such thing as racism. Neither of those things is what he actually said, but roll with it, all 22% of you.

And I don't understand much the Anyone-But-Chow Types who think the city will become a socialist paradise if she wins with through-the-roof taxes etc. Basically, hyper-partisanship drives me nuts and, particularly at this point of the campaign, they're hoping for some gotcha moment that will allow her and Tory to switch places but that wasn't it. The only people who are upset he "thinks White Privilege doesn't exist," are the people obsessed with White Privilege and Rich White Guys, which is to say, Chow supporters. I doubt anyone else (even Doug's "ethnic" types) is gonna change their vote as a result.

Worse, and this is what Chow really misses, is it's all playing into Doug's hands. There is a real rich white guy who thinks he's a man of the people while harbouring bigoted beliefs. Her playing into the Ford's campaign strategy, over and over again, is why she's losing this campaign. It's clear as day to me - someone who'd like to see a real Chow vs. Tory battle of ideals - but her own people seem blissfully unaware of it.
I really hope one day this ordeal is made into an entire textbook on dysfunction and mental illness.

They can call it, "Crazy Town". ooops No, that title is already taken. ;)

Worse, and this is what Chow really misses, is it's all playing into Doug's hands.

Not looking forward to watching Ms. Chow and Doug go tag-team on JT's ass in the upcoming spectacles. Especially since he refuses to STRIKE BACK at them. There is no "High Road" in Crazy Town. His good manners are seen as a sign of


If I were Nick, I wouldn't let him step into the ring with that pair. Not without Ari for backup.

Some of the referees have been a joke.

The crowd will be packed with howler monkeys, and a gauntlet of goons from 'da hoods scaring the sh!t out of Tory supporters trying to get in and out of the arena.

JT should stay away from Ms Chow and Doug, and stick to secure staging areas for media availability.
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It essentially amounts to the difference between liars and bullshitters. Liars actually respect the truth. When they lie, they know they could be found out, so they make at least some effort to sound credible. Bullshitters simply don't care, and Thug is an especially reckless example of the species. As it was pointed out a few pages back, he spews so many lies (which tend to be pretty egregious, coming from him), we're still deconstructing one when half a dozen more suddenly appear. With a complient media, weak, gutless 'opponents' who never or rarely hit back (except for Ari Goldkind), and no way to ensure Thug suffers actual consequences for his perfidy...well, whaddaya gonna do?

I've noted several people over the years - including the late Gore Vidal and Alexander Cockburn - who observed that the reason Richard Nixon was ultimately sunk by lies and Ronald Reagan wasn't was because Nixon acted like he was lying when he lied and Reagan didn't. Tricky Dick always sweated and twitched on tv when he was lying. He looked like he knew he was lying, and worse, he knew that we knew it, too. Reagan always looked like he believed whatever crap he was spouting, and he probably did. I'm sure Thug doesn't believe his own garbage, but he surely thinks himself justified to do whatever he likes to get whatever he wants.

Apologies if this has been already posted, catching up from three days in the wilderness with no internet. :)
My dad was an avid golfer. For pleasure only, not business. He also enjoyed the relaxation and camaraderie of the club. I remember him telling me, “We’re all the same here, no matter what happens outside the gate.â€

Unless they don't let you in the gates!!
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