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Rob Ford's Toronto

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Top Ten Assholes:

1: Rob
2: Doug
3: Frank D'Angelo
4: Mammo
5: Sue Ann Levy
6: Wormington
7: Denzil Minnan-Wong
8: Brad Lamb
9: ....

I'm drawing a blank on the last two. Any suggestions?

~Charles McVety - religious ahole, even though he might be considered more of an national a-hole.
~Ross McLean - The back end of the Ford-Worm human centipede. Co-host of Worms who always agree's with Worm and back up Ford. An alleged former "copper" who seems to have no problems with Ford connection with drugs and crime.
~Mike Bendixen - CFRB program director. Give Fords an afternoon infomercial, Gave a platform to the likes of Wormington, Towhey and Jerry Agar. When he is on the roundtable he always comes off as a prick
~George Chuvalo - Controversial pick but guys kids connected with the Fords, died because of drug abuse. Continues to support Ford even after that and preaches "anti-drug" in schools. Very hypocritical and sleazy. It's like Doug preaching anti-drugs after Rob kicks the bucket but still hangs out with Lisi.
~John Oakley - First host to bring Ford to a city-focus. To his credit he did ask some tough question to Ford when Rob thought it was going to be an easy interview post-crack video. But still kind of supports him.
The live feed is hilarious at the moment. Anchor not realizing it's rolling. Deer in headlights. Garbage truck doing it's thing in the background.
Have you notice that this happens whenever the Fords appear. Like Chow and Tory disagree but this sort of thugness doesn't happen at any other time. If you can't see the Fords cancer runs much deeper than the one in Robs fat.

BTW every poll has Chow/Tory with 70% of the support so how come a Chow & Tory debate get little to no coverage but the second a 30% Ford come on the scene we have live news break ins.
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