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Rob Ford's Toronto

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Human shield.

I was thinking the exact same thing.

A few years ago at the NHL draft or some other event, Gary Bettman knew he was going to get booed so he brought the recently widowed wife and daughters of a former NHL scout with him. He knew they wouldn't boo them so that was his reason. Ford is disgusting for doing this to his little kid.
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I love shirtless jogger!!! The older woman at the beginning of the first clip was fabulous, too, at first I thought she was a fan because she was talking face to face with him but she really told him. Booing kids were great! I am so proud of these people for standing up to Ford and telling him he is no longer welcome here.

Where does he end up tonight?

He's an idiot for taking his son along, he and his people must have known that there might be hecklers. Why subject him to that? And I really didn't need to see his moobs in that red t-shirt!

He was at Etobicoke Rib Fest a few minutes ago...
Arrived back at Pearson yesterday after a month travelling to find Rob's fake contrition speech on the tv screens by the baggage carousel. What a welcome home. But I'm delighted to see today's clips of Torontonians (Doug might call them 'folks') getting right in Rob's face, giving him the gears. That is awesome. These people are angry and articulate, and we need to keep this up every time Rob sets foot in public. It's ironic and extremely sickening that media are seen in these clips taping and running these spontaneous outbursts rather than asking the questions themselves.

I love the guy who says 'get out of my neighbourhood'.
But the worst thing is bringing those huge campaign signs (and the stooges carrying them :rolleyes:). I could understand that he's a Canadian, and a person, and just wants to go out and enjoy Canada Day. John Tory had some of his people around in campaign t-shirts, and I get that you have to campaign, but those huge signs are an eyesore and just taking attention away from Canada Day and putting it on himself.

Olivia Chow was in the EY parade and it was just her riding a bike, and a few people way ahead of her handing out small flyers. She got all cheers.
Watched a video clip on CTV on Rob Ford at a Canada Day parade. I had to shake my head when I saw a lady gush over Rob, praising him (7:35 mark in video). Almost expected her to genuflect before Rob and kiss his feet. Looks like Ford Nation is still alive and kicking (at those who oppose him).

[video] =1[/video]
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