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Rob Ford's Toronto

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Re the name Rust D'Eye, Mr. Rust D'Eye's daughter told me years ago the name appeared when Lord Rust (possibly Mr. Rust, can't remember his exact title) married Lady D'Eye.
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Mayor Rob Frod ‏@TOMayorFrod 20m
Every time I try to check the football scores, there's some boring news bulletin on. I'm sick of it. #Toronto #TOpoli


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It's Wednesday. There's no football. Nice try.
Are both of you for real? Is it that inconceivable that Kush might mean something else entirely? You know, before the term ever became slang? Possibly in *gasp* another language and/or culture?

Yeah, you're not hallucinating. We're real.

Thanks for that, though. The previous "Kush is Hindi for 'happy' sufficed.
That is not what I said. Donovan referred to info not covered in the Lisi ITO. That might refer to info in the unreleased Traveller wiretaps or it might refer to info from some other source entirely.

My guess is that they have a story/stories based on their own reporting. I doubt they've read the Traveller wiretap docs. They might have gotten a tip or two, but more likely the Star has been doing its own legwork. Just my opinion.
We have known all along that Ford was recklessly associating with drug dealers and gang members (hopefully he has left these associates far behind on his road to recovery).

What is Rob in recovery from exactly--he's never admitted to issues with anything other than weight?
This just in.... Hat-making material seized in raid on Peepers' (Joe's) hideout.



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Somehow this all seems like a game being played out.
City councillors in Toronto are openly calling for police to explain why Mayor Rob Ford has not been charged following the stunning allegations in the latest batch of police documents into the infamous crack video.

Mayor Ford refused to comment to the media on the latest allegations, and seemed to laugh when asked if he had used heroin — another claim made in Wednesday’s newly released court documents.

Councillor Adam Vaughan said he appreciates the fact that the case is before the court, the semantics look very poor to Torontonians.

“It’s wrong to leave an impression in the minds of Torontonians that there are two sets of rules,” he told reporters Wednesday. “Two-tiered policing is not acceptable. A kid like Rob Ford, with a trust fund, gets policed differently? Because if that is the case, that’s wrong.”

“I’m not making an allegation about the police, I don’t know the full extent of the evidence… but there needs to be an explanation,” he said.

Vaughan said Police Chief Bill Blair needs to address the issue and speak to the notion there is a different type of policing for rich, public officials.

Speaking minutes earlier, Blair was mum on whether police were considering charges against Ford.

Could Blair's presser be related to city councillors' (and the public's) lack of faith in the police?
From CP24:

One of the shocking allegations to come out of the ITO involves the possibility of Ford doing heavy drugs hours before he was scheduled to attend a community cleanup event in Etobicoke on April 20, 2013.
Police say they intercepted a phone call that day at 12:54 a.m. where an allegedgang member received a call from someone telling him that he needs to go to 15 Windsor Dr. -- a residence police have called a crack house -- because Ford is there and “wants some drugs.” Ford has said he has known the family who lives at 15 Windsor Dr. for years.

And, ah, "road to recovery", wow. That is some Olympic level of denial you are able to muster, Peepers. Not to mention the same style Rob Ford refusal to answer your critics. At least Cowboy Logic attempted to defend his ludicrous statements.
Could Blair's presser be related to city councillors' (and the public's) lack of faith in the police?

Could be.
Though, if it is, I hope it's good. If nothing comes of this then....well, what Dubster said.
Mayor Ford? Not now. Not ever

From his friends at the Sun:
Mayor Ford? Not now. Not ever

First posted: Wednesday, December 04, 2013 09:27 PM EST | Updated: Wednesday, December 04, 2013 09:31 PM EST
BIGROB Mayor Rob Ford at City Hall on Dec. 4. DON PEAT/TORONTO SUN

Mayor Rob Ford cannot dismiss the latest allegations against him contained in police wiretaps released Wednesday by saying they’re a part of his past that he cannot change.

Bad enough he is reported to have offered $5,000 and a car to gangsters for a video of him smoking crack, that he later denied existed for six months.

What’s even more disturbing is how Ford’s dangerously reckless behaviour, if the contents of the wiretaps are true — including repeated drug taking, drug buying and hanging out with criminals — potentially exposed the mayor of North America’s fourth-largest city to blackmail.

Simply saying, again, that he’s “sorry” and that it will never happen again — if that’s what Ford now says after refusing to answer reporters’ questions Wednesday evening — isn’t good enough.

Because if these allegations are true, they not only provide further proof that Ford is unfit to be mayor, they raise serious questions about why Ford has not been charged with any criminal offences. Particularly since many of the people he associated with in this sordid affair have been.

None of the allegations against Ford contained in the wiretaps have been tested in court and Ford himself is never quoted directly on them. The wiretaps, however, contain numerous references to Ford and his activities from the people surrounding him, both friends and enemies.

His friend and part-time chauffeur, Alexander Lisi, is quoted at one point as saying to gang members that if they didn’t co-operate with Ford, he would get the police to crack down on the Dixon community in which they lived.

The wiretaps also quote gang members saying they weren’t afraid of Ford because they had numerous pictures of him in compromising situations, involving drug taking, aside from the crack video.

How Ford, in his capacity as the chief magistrate of Toronto, could repeatedly engage in such activities while mayor, exposing himself to the possibility of blackmail, is beyond comprehension.

How he could believe that denying the existence of a video showing him smoking crack — that he must have known existed — would solve the problem, is impossible to comprehend.

What it all suggests, at a minimum, is that Ford no longer deserves to be the mayor of Toronto. Not now. Not ever.
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At least Cowboy Logic attempted to defend his ludicrous statements.

Peepers (Joe) doesn't need to; he has a shiny shield.



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I'm losing track but I think that this about the fourth editorial from the Toronto SUN where they have asked for him to step down. Ford will not step down and these editorials are becoming a waste of ink.

What is new I notice is the Toronto SUN now has concerns with the police investigation. Why aren't the editor's asking for an outside police force to come in and take over? (the RCMP should come in , not the OPP which is under the control of the corrupt Wynne government). Why isn't the Toronto SUN asking Bill Blair to step aside until a full investigation can be done into his actions or inaction's?
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