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Restaurant Comings & Goings


Mon. Nov. 30, 7-8:30 pm, Brunswick House, 481 Bloor W.
Goodbye Brunswick House, Hello Boston Pizza?
For many years, the operations of the Brunswick House at 481 Bloor St. W. have been a source of late-night disruption. The owner of the building has terminated their lease, and as of Dec. 31 the Brunswick House will remain only on a month-by-month basis until a new tenant is found.

Boston Pizza is interested in signing a long-term lease for the ground floor, but its plans require a patio. Before proceeding, the company wishes to know whether the neighbouring community would be supportive of a patio. To that end, you are invited to a public meeting to hear from company representatives and the building’s owner, and to ask them questions.

Neither HVRA nor the Annex Residents’ Association (which are co-sponsoring the meeting) has taken a position on this matter. Both organizations want to hear what neighbours think. We hope you can join the discussion on Nov. 30.
Yuck! :eek: But not at all surprising. Watch out Annex the chains are coming!
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Just some small time news for those in and around North York.

- The SOFRA restaurant at Yonge St/Elmwood Ave. is no more.
- Coffee Time at Sheppard Avenue E./Willowdale Ave. is a goner.
- Burger Hut at Sheppard Avenue E/Blue Ridge Rd. is no more - it's turning into Shater Abbas Restaurant (they have a location in Vaughan which is pretty popular)
Pastizza is now closed as of a few days ago, corner of Market Street and Esplanade. New restaurant, a lot of money went into building the corner. I heard the same owners are simply re-theming. It's now Cresta Toronto:
Seven Grams cafe is being replaced with 5elements, another cafe. I heard they were forced out.