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Restaurant Comings & Goings

There's also often a line for Santouka as well, and when Kinton was new on Baldwin Street, that was lined up too. Now that there are 4 Kintons, I have no idea if the line persists…

but a lot of people are willing to line up for good ramen it seems, but not the average stuff, which maybe is all that Towered has had up to this point? "Idiots" is a little harsh. In any case, Guu isn't a ramen joint if that's the line that was Towered was referring too, and its izakaya food and particular ambience can't be found in too many other places in town, so no wonder it gets lined up often.
Does anyone know who is taking over the old Seven East! fusion restaurant in Rosedale?
The Spring Rolls on Front seems to be changing name and owners:

Location: 85 FRONT ST E

Ward 28: Toronto Centre-Rosedale

Application#: 15 253563 BLD 00 BA Accepted Date: Nov 19, 2015

Project: Restaurant Greater Than 30 Seats Interior Alterations

Description: Proposed interior alterations to existing restaurant (Spring Rolls) to new restaurant (Paramount Fine Foods) on lower and ground floor, existing exhaust shaft to remain and reuse for new kitchen layout.

Also the Paganelli's Risotteria at 106 Front (@ George) has gone bankrupt and is closed.