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is having an ensuite important to you?

personally i'd rather have them close that entry to the washroom; and
have the washroom re-configured as the mirror image with the entry closer to the foyer and away from the kitchen.

to me, it's kind of gross to have the washroom toilet visible from the cook/dine area.
Thanks for your suggestion, Cdr. I do like having an entrance to the bathroom from the the bedroom. For me, personally, I do not mind having the kitchen face the bathroom entrance. I know for some people that is a big no no but I actually do not mind it as long as I keep the door closed all the time.

I was just wondering if I should keep the sliders in the den or just get rid of the sliders all together to keep the den more open. I know for me, the way I live, I would always have the sliders open at all times.
are having pocket doors an option for the den and bedroom? cost?

the problem with sliders i find is that the door and track are always on one side or other of the room, hence obstructing the vertical use of one wall (ie. the slider for the bedroom would prevent one from mounting a tv on the wall directly across from the bed and might obstruct the use of electrical/cable outlets there. similar situation for den.)
Yeah I won't be able to hang a tv in the bedroom/den wall due to the sliders. I will verify with the builder if there is an option to exclude pocket doors.
Yeah I won't be able to hang a tv in the bedroom/den wall due to the sliders. I will verify with the builder if there is an option to exclude pocket doors.

i think you meant include pocket doors vs. sliders on the outside of walls
I use to have sliders in my den at X and kept them open at all times. Since I used my den for my office, I never needed to close the sliders. Closing the sliders is generally for when people use the den as a second bedroom. So if you are not doing that, the sliders are really the perfect option. From what I remember, they didn't put any electrical behind the sliding doors, so that would not be an issue. But you are right cdr - pocket doors would be a great upgrade if available.

I do like the layout and especially like the entrance to the bathroom from the cook/dine area. I hate when condo units have it so that a person has to walk through your bedroom to get to the bathroom. This was thought out. The unit has good flow and I especially like the WIC (or should I say, my gf would like that more than me).
Thx Cruzin4u. I am planning to use the den as a sitting area and also as a guest bedroom. So the sliders would be a great feature if my guests want some privacy.

I do like the layout as well. I love the WIC for the extra storage space which I currently don't have in my current condo. And I like the fact that there are no pillars and no wasted space.
Why don't they use pocket sliders? This annoys me about these barn door sliders. They basically render one of the walls completely useless. They should be pocket doors. But I guess, that would be too "expensive". Sorry for the rant. It's just dumb...
What I wasn't too happy about when I went to the sales center is that there is no model suite. So you don't see the quality of the finishes or the kinds of finishes you will get or get to choose from. I wish they had done a model suite for that reason.
Builders don't like pocket doors as they are more complicated to install and harder to maintain/repair, so the builder may not even offer such an option that's why you don't really see them in new condos. I also prefer pocket doors over sliding doors. Maybe consider a swinging door with a frosted glass insert for the bedroom.
If the builder offers pocket doors I would also put one in between the bathroom and the bedroom as the two swinging doors in the current plan take up a bit of space and you will have the doors banging into each other.
I also notice that the trash room cuts into the unit. Luckily the closet does shield it from any noise associated with it, but it is still near your entry door (sounds and smells will be noticeable). Something to think about.

Overall it's a nice layout facing south and has good sized rooms.
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Pocket doors would be very expensive as an upgrade and doubtful it would be offered as an upgrade. The Ritz uses a pocket door in their master washroom to separate the toilette from the rest of the washroom.