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Pros/cons of this floorplan?


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Feb 1, 2010
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What are your thoughts on the following floorplan?



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I don't like that the second bedroom isn't close to the smaller bathroom. If you have overnight guests, they're going to have to walk through the living area / kitchen when they get up in the morning. That doesn't work for me.
Overall, I think it's an exceptional floor plan. I like how you walk in and it's very open with a sort of panoramic view of the bedrooms, den, and living/dining area.

I don't see any wasted space and it's very well layed out. I particular like how the den is... open, but on an angle out of the way of the main area.

While the second bedroom is far from the washroom, condos are small so it's not far away. (I purchased a 1 bedroom and the washroom is "far" from the bedroom, but overall it works because you also don't want washrooms too close to the dining/living area). This is really no different than a bathroom down the hall. If anything, the only problem is that if there is someone living in the second bedroom the only bath is in the ensuite of the master. No problem if the second bedroom is only for guests. Also this may be the only way that both bedrooms have windows.

Don't see much that you'd be giving up in terms of a good floor plan.
I wasn't thinking of actual distance between the bedroom and the bathroom, but of guests having to go through the living area to get there. That's how I think it's different from a bathroom down the hall. As a guest, I'd prefer the privacy of not having to see my hosts (or making them see me!) first thing in the a.m. But that's a personal preference.
There's not a ton of wasted space, so that's great. However, if there is another balcony above this one and/or this unit faces either north or south, then it will be a very very dark unit which is a definite no go for me. I need my sunlight!
This unit is facing south and west (inner corner unit), there will be another of the same unit with balcony above, how much of an affect will that have on the light? I do agree the only pitfall of this is having the second bathroom where it is, guests would prefer it being next to the bedroom but that is not always possible in many 2 bedroom+den units. Any other thoughts?
The lighting is an issue, especially on an inner corner. What floor? I'm asking because we had looked at an inner corner unit on a lower floor and didn't take it because there were trees that were blocking the light but on a higher floor that wouldn't have been an issue.
Oh wow. An INNER corner unit. Sorry, the light will be almost non-existent and I think the unit will feel very cramped because of it.
Yes, this is an L shaped building with another L shaped building on the opposite side almost forming a square but with more than enough space in between them to allow light. How much of a concern should light be at this point?
Depends on you. I need light. I crave light. I guess that means I'm not a vampire. But I know other people who could care less.
Light is quite important, here is the siteplan - arrow pointing to the corner suite



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With the height of the other building and the location of the suite, I really don't think you're going to get much natural light and if it's important to you then you need to think long and hard about it. It'll also affect resale and that should be reflected in the current price.
The w/d by the front is what I have. Great if you live alone but if someone else lives with you and forgets to close the laundry door while you're out and you return. Bang. You got yourself some chipped paint in the door.

The only shower is via the master bedroom. If someone is occupying the second bedroom, they need to enter your bedroom to shower. You better have similar wake times.
I am not a fan of the inside corner layout, it compromises on the light and views.

I would add a glass or french door for the second bedroom. This will add more light into the living space. Frosted glass would provide privacy if it's being used as a bedroom.

I would also change the swing of the door of the entrance and guest bath.
Switching the door swing of the enty door will make use of the wall/niche next to it where you can put a mirror and a shelf for keys and mail. Also the entry door would not be in conflict with the closet door, which is good when you have guests over.
The toilet is in view from the kitchen and living area when the door is open, so changing the swing will help hide this.