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Post your pictures of Toronto here!

At Mel Lastman Square:

I was out paddling in the Rouge Marsh and I stumbled onto 5 wooden piers in a row. I've seen them before but it's been a while since that area usually gets overgrown with vegetations early. Took a picture as the alignment looked like it would have been a part of a dock or possibly a bridge. But I've never seen a dock or bridge in that area.


Note the five wooden pillars stuck in a near row on the marsh side of the water. This sent me a search of Toronto's aerial photography all the way back to the 1940's.


This is 2022 aerial footage of the area. Note the red circle, the pillars are on the marsh side of that circle. The previous image is GPS tagged to that area.


Only aerial image that has anything built on the water in that area. Dated 1939, looks like there was a bridge that went into the marsh. No other aerial photographs from then until now has any other structure built on the water in that area. Next available images in the late 1940's do not show any bridge there, seem it was gone by them.

I think those wooden pillars are what's left