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Post: How do you pronounce 'Toronto'


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Dec 7, 2011
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Tangentially related, the ABC reporter in Jurassic Park kicked off the series by telling Americans that Canada is a country of 34,000,000 and Toronto (proper) (her word) has 7,500,000 of us. Rather makes me wonder who does their research. Presumably they also tell the on-air personalities how to pronounce our City's name.

Wikipedia reports the Q1 2019 estimate for Canada as 37,314,442

While Toronto (proper) is still just shy of 3,000,000.

The GTHA is somewhere around 7,500,000

And the GGH around 9,500,000
With (proper) in brackets, I read this to mean the word is your interpretation of the intention of the quote - or the context of her quote from a previous sentence.
"proper" or proper would mean you are highlighting the word that the reporter said in that particular sentence.
Her 34M is within 10% and her Toronto area (presumably a misspeak) is quite accurate.
I'd think there are better examples Americans not getting their facts right on Canada.