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Miscellany Toronto Photographs: Then and Now

Yup! I adore them; awesome, very civic-minded pair.

The idea of excavating, when they first raised it, was estimated at I recall at 6M..........not nothing, but comparatively small by today's standards (this was awhile back......edit, looked it up, this was '94, so 29 years ago); but still, it was so do-able. {still is).........but more expensive now for sure, even after adjusting for inflation.
Hello, It's Mustapha. Goldie is having PC issues and he wanted me to post this tonite for him.

Small Arms Factory - Lakeview 1952 (From Heritage Mississauga Collection)

My shot from January 28th 2023
Then -1982 - and Now - Jan. 28 2023, 4:40pm.

King Street West. Looking at the north side. Ed Mirvish Way on the right side of the picture so you can get your bearings.

The picture is a Toronto Archives picture. Not many nighttime colour pictures from that day and age were useful; film being what it was for casual nighttime shooting. This one is, interestingly. Perhaps the camera was on a tripod.


Hello, It's Mustapha, again. Goldie asked me again to post for him.

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The south side of Richmond was much more impressive back then versus now, though I like that our city embraced patios to such an extent. It's hard to believe that something so normal was foreign to us until the 1960s.
* note here, the above (heritage police station) was torn down to make way for the original Regent Park.

Which was then torn down to make way for what you see today 50+ years after that.
Not the only place where such caveats can pertain, of course. Just think of all the before-and-afters where a parking lot existed in the interim--like when it comes to the Board of Trade at Yonge & Front, some might assume from a before-and-after juxtaposition that it was actually demolished for the present-day 33 Yonge, when in fact a quarter century separates demolition from replacement. Therefore what's there now actually technically *fixes" an urban scar created by the original demolition (whether it's an adequate fix compared to what was once there is up for debate)