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Correct. I was in there last week and it was beautiful. Didn't realize the Loblaws at St. Clair West also converted to this format. I'g guessing Loblaws is redoing all of their stores to look like MLG?

This look is going to all of Loblaws 'inspiration' stores.

So far this is a limited number; though I believe more are in the pipeline.

Redway Road, Yonge/York Mills, Forest Hill, and Leslie/Eastern have all been done.

The new'ish store on Queen West is in this format, and I believe the new Yonge/Eg area store will be too.

So far, I haven't heard anything about Roncy, Victoria Park or Broadview being done; but hopefully they will.


Looks aside, these stores are very similar to the MLG in featuring high-end (store baked in MLG) pies, gourmet meats including wagyu beef and in-store made sausages; as well as dry-aged meats and greater than normal depth in organics and fine cheeses.

The doughnuts and pies do not appear to be made in the new stores (non-MLG) but are likely made elsewhere and brought in. No sign of a full-onsite kitchen except for the Ace Bakery area.

Likewise the new stores lack the in-store deli meats of MLG; and don' have the same variety of 'meals to go' though they have a lot more than your typical store.

Best price I've seen on Organic beef.........
The Eastern and Leslie store had needed a renovation for such a long time. It didn't quite happen fast enough for me since I moved out of the neighbourhood more than six months ago. But I am happy they finally did it. When I was in there it almost seemed bigger than MLG location.
Too bad the exterior of Eastern & Leslie wasn't reconfigured to be less of a suburban bunker.
Agreed. The Leslie Street site will likely be redeveloped at some point in the future, with a new Loblaws store incorporated within a new mixed-use development, which is why I assume that the existing horrid store remains standing with no improvements to the exterior. Although the recent investment in the interior suggests that any redevelopment will not be happening in the short-term.
Too bad the exterior of Eastern & Leslie wasn't reconfigured to be less of a suburban bunker.
Well that makes it a good match for the ugly suburban bunker that the TTC is building on the southeast corner of Leslie and Lakeshore, across from Loblaws.
There were minor changes made to the exterior. That green airport-like metallic structure by the door was removed and the whole building got a fresh coat of paint. But yes, nothing major. I assume because it is a prime and likely site for redevelopment within ten years.
But the green airport-like metallic structure by the door was practically a heritage structure! :)



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The Burnhamthorpe/East Mall location was also being renovated into this format (from the late 1980s/early 1990s "Village Market" format) when I was in last month.

Will they finally add an "s" to the "Loblaw" sign at this location?