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Like to Post Ratio


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Mar 14, 2016
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Nobody is truly invisible on the Internet, even with Private/Incognito/InPrivate Browsing on with various ad blockers, script blockers, and various activity logger blockers enabled.

It just minimizes your presence, but not fully eliminate it. Often, it's a false sense of privacy.

Read here:

Yes, the Like to Post ratio is not accurate, given that many members (including myself) have posted numerous posts before we moved to XenForo (the current forum software for UT).
It's a bit like locking your front door. It keeps out the 'honest' people, and the crooks come in the back door.

I hope the public get more clarity on this issue with the testimony coming up from Zuckerberg and others to US and UK inquiries. Even if Zuckerberg does add some clarity (and I'll be very surprised, it's not like this is fresh news) hopefully Wylie and others will do it for him. Facebook is the easy suspect to hold up as an example, purely because of size. If Facebook has been doing this, then so have most of the others. If a VPN is operating for free, guess how they can afford to do it?

The problem is the general public will continue to 'swim in infested waters' with no sense of protecting themselves no matter how many warnings given. Just like addicts.

Big Brother is far more than just security agencies watching us. The real danger is private snoops, not government ones. Governments are problematic and have to be monitored too, but at least they're not doing it to sell data to the highest bidder.

From Johnny's linked reference:
The common web browser plugin Adobe Flash Player began supporting privacy mode in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari with the release of version 10.1 in June 2010.[7]
What a sad joke that is! I'm an electronic tech, not a computer one, but know enough that one of the reason many systems refuse to load Flash, besides being buggy, prone to crash and bloated, is that it leaks worse than a Triumph gearbox. And so badly it drips honey that attracts hackers. Or worse.
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Mar 5, 2009
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Currently Google isn't able to log my internet activity.

Anyway, yeah, it's not a magic panacea, but it beats business as usual. Besides, I paid for my VPN software and bought it from a reputable source so it best be working as well as, at least I have somewhere to turn if it doesn't do well by me.

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May 20, 2007
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A quick update to this thread.

Highest like to post ratio, SINCE April 2018: (only for posters in the original data, cause it was easier, LOL)


@MafaldaBoy with only 43 additional posts, but 483 additional likes.....his post April 2018 ratio is 11.23 likes per post.
@skycandy is runner up with 11.12 likes per post in this period.

No one else was close.

The overall like to post ratio, (updated data, but not limited to the post April subset) gives us.......

@skycandy is tops w/this metric at 7.79 likes per post
@Logan comes in at 4.3