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Liberty Village pedestrian link

Nov 24, 2021

Seems to be back in action.



Now, I agree w/the thrust of Shawn's point.............but I'll note, I didn't see him tweet the Councillor or the Mayor or anyone else at the City asking them to fix it, or what the regular schedule for cleaning is.........

Complaining passively is a sport in this town.

Don't like something, do something about it.

Credit to you @allengeorge because you do; as do I and several others here. But Mr. Micallef not so much.

At the minimum I would expect him to report the issue to 311.

None of the above excuses negligence by the City either due to lack of funding, or caring. But that won't change itself.

File a legitimate 311 complaint every day until staff get the idea to make the case for more funding or better processes or both.
Credit to you @allengeorge because you do; as do I and several others here. But Mr. Micallef not so much.
Yeah - I’ve emailed in support of various plans multiple times (the EHON feedback is next on my list). But there are plenty of people - including you - on this forum who do a whole lot more.

That aside, I think (unfortunately) this link is destined to be a problem without constant security and cleaning. Many here spoke up about the design problems, and my guess is that they were well known, but various constraints made this solution the most likely to get built. I’m not sure there is a good, permanent, cost-effective solution with the current design.

(I’ll also point out that my guess is this link’s problems are exacerbated by the province/city’s lack of funding for homelessness and substance abuse.)
this is another classic example of an overengineered reinvent the wheel solution to a simple or non existant problem. Why did they just simply build a flat bridge OVER THE RAIL CORRIDOR TRENCH just 100m next to it. No stairs, elevators or coverings required.
Hell if you want an elevated bridge they can built a ramp as well. Instead we got the classic elevator that never works and a stinking hobo infested tunnel that they wont maintain.