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Humber Bay Shores


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Apr 24, 2007
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Had a look through the Humber Bay Shores website to see what's new:
Future Developments

The remaining lots from Brooker’s Lane to Park Lawn are owned by 5 different owners. Some of these lots are very narrow making private vehicular access to both Lake Shore Blvd. and Marine Parade Drive impossible. Several plans for access roads and/or laneways to service this area were presented. View corridors to the waterfront are difficult with narrow lots.

Land owners of these lots presented their Site Concepts. Greywood Developments has acquired the Silver Moon Motel land; their plan is to work together with the owner (Monarch) of the adjacent lot to construct a 4 storey/100 room hotel (Marriot/Ritz Carlton) on the Lake Shore side of their 2 lots.

Waterview 4 was originally approved for 2 towers of 29 and 17 storeys; a mirror image of the current development. This original plan resulted in poor visibility from the second building and the plan for Waterview 4 has now been revised to only one taller more slender tower of 37 storeys. 25,000 sq. ft of retail and 140 public parking spaces will be included.

The Conservatory Group owns the Hillcrest and North American Motel lands. Their plan is for commercial use on Lake Shore with mixed use on the rest of the lot.

The owner of the Shore Breeze Motel has a plan for 10,000 sq. ft of retail on the Lake Shore, with a 40 storey, 346 unit condominium building to the south.

The property behind the Esso has been designated for an elementary school but the use could possibly change at some time in the future.

The developers are striving to improve on the current “look†of the area by using podiums, step-down terracing, slender towers and public green spaces.

The 50 people present were arranged into small groups for two Team Exercises: A Framework for the Future and Area Visioning and Development Concepts.


Land values in my area are gonna shoot through the roof! Good to know that stuff is still going through...
Finally some retail in this area. They need to mix it up a little. A school would be perfect with all the families living in these condos.
The area has a lot going for it, and I do like it, but it needs more in the way of amenities: stores, groceries, eateries and cafes - otherwise it is pretty desolate and barren in non summer months.

The area needs a Humber Go Station next to the Humber Loop.

A Humber Go Station could provide a better pedestrian passage under the tracks and the Gardiner, linking all those condos with the Sobeys food store, among others. It would connect with multiple bus routes and the streetcar. It would provide access to the Western Beaches, the Martin Goodman trail, and the Humber bikeway. And it would be much more convenient to get to than the Mimico Go Station.
Yeah, but Casa Mendozza is not what it used to be- pretty much everything that ever goes on Restaurant Makeover is doomed for failure, they only prolong the restaurants death by a few months, not to mention put the owners in the hole a couple g's..worst show on tv.

I think the idea of having a GO station is smart and would make the GO train a good alternative to the Queen car- nonetheless, I could image that GO won't do this seeing as the majority of their customers are destined for farther flung places, like Mississauga or Oakville..etc.

The area needs a Humber Go Station next to the Humber Loop.

If i recall correctly there WERE plans to relocate Mimico GO station from Royal York to ParkLawn (8 years ago), but those plans were put on hold due to (lack of) funding...
Putting a station between Park Lawn and the Humber Loop has been studied, and AFAIK the idea has been accepted for some future implementation, when, I am not sure. The station is deemed a necessary piece of the transport infrastructure for the new residents in this burgeoning area.

Putting a station between Park Lawn and the Humber Loop has been studied, and AFAIK the idea has been accepted for some future implementation, when, I am not sure. The station is deemed a necessary piece of the transport infrastructure for the new residents in this burgeoning area.42

The TTC has a plan to move the Humber Loop to Park Lawn and expand the bus loop there to accommodate steeetcars. (See TTC Report for the Commission's November 2007 meeting.) The Report says it will be built in summer 2008, but I do not know if they have actually done anything and states "The [new] loop will allow provision of increased service west of Humber Loop to the Humber Bay Shores area, which is undergoing significant redevelopment and intensification;"
501 Streetcar Loop at Park Lawn - Deferred Indefinitely

I've heard thru that the Park Lawn streetcar & bus loop has been deferred indefinitely due to lack of funding. Given that half of Transit City is still unfunded, and the unfunded, last to be built Waterfront West LRT has a projected opening date of 2029, there's no rush to build the Park Lawn loop.
While this phase of the Waterfront West LRT will _eventually_ provide more reliable streetcar service from Humber Loop to downtown, it will do nothing for the 24 km long current 501 route from Neville Park to Long Branch.

To this end, the Lakeshore Planning Council (LPC) unanimously recommended in our September 2009 meeting that the TTC reinstate and extend the 507 Lakeshore streetcar route between Long Branch loop and Dundas West Station. This would extend the eastern terminus along The Queensway and north on Roncesvalles Drive.

This will improve service reliability along Lakeshore Blvd and the Queensway, so that the Lakeshore community streetcar riders will no longer be dependent solely on the unreliable 501 streetcar.

In addition, passengers would no longer have to wait to transfer at the isolated and unsafe feeling Humber Loop.

This extended 507 route would also provide connections to the 504 King car and other streetcar routes, greatly reducing the 507 route’s traditional dependence on the erratic 501 streetcar.

The old 507 route’s eastern terminus at Humber Loop is problematic as when the 501 Queen service is backed up in town, Lakeshore passengers are left stranded there.


Current 501 riders along the Queensway would still retain their one seat ride into town, as the 501 would still serve Humber Loop. However the 507 route will also give such riders a direct one seat ride to the subway at Dundas West station. Thus the extended 507 route will give an effective and reliable option for such riders to travel east into town and back, and no longer captive to the unreliable 501 Queen car.

For more info see the Restore the 507 Streetcar Facebook group, or
This shore is nice: A new urban village is set for the Etobicoke waterfront

With a wide main street chockablock with nail and hair salons, dry cleaners, breakfast joints, and side streets leading down to beachfront uninhabited save for seagulls, and dogwalkers, Mimico could be a rural town, instead of 10 minutes from downtown Toronto.

The town’s steady growth from its beginnings as a railway community in the 1850s was arrested when the Gardiner Expressway was built in the ’60s, cutting Mimico off from the rest of Etobicoke, and retail along Lake Shore dried up after Sherway Gardens was built in the 1980s.

Though isolated, Mimico has available land that’s generating private and public interest. In the 1980s, the city turned 346 acres of lakefront land into parks, but more recent initiatives, like the creation of waterfront access in 2008, the 2005 Mimico Action Plan, the new pier at the end of Superior Avenue, and the extension of the waterfront bike path, are laying the planning groundwork for future growth.

The city’s vision, says urban planner Gregg Lintern, is to “assume incremental, not wholesale change, and to create a village heart along Lake Shore, which can expand toward the water.†This will go hand in hand with condo development at its eastern edge with high-rise towers centred on Park Lawn and Lake Shore, close to the marina.

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Recent shots from Monarch's Nautilus towards other projects in the area.


Former motel sites, soon to be turned into condominium towers. Closest to the bottom of the photograph will be the Conservatory Group's Waterways project, then the Monarch Group's Lago site, the Graywood and Beaverhall's Ocean Club (you can just see the back of the Ocean Club sales office). Beyond that, where the Casa Mendoza Inn stands (red, in the photo), we don't know what's coming yet. Neither do we know what is coming on the property beyond that where you can see the Lago and Waterways sales offices now under construction. Past that is the very narrow site of South Beach & Chestnut Hills' as yet unnamed project. Finally, where the large lawn is, Empire will be announcing a large project there soon. (MJMA were responsible for early designs for another owner: some of us are hoping those might find their way to fruition here).


A close-up of those sales offices mentioned above. You get a good view of the Humber Bay wetlands and parks here.


A map of everything explained above, just with south at the bottom of course, compared to northeast at the bottom in the photo above.


This is Empire's Beyond The Sea with two towers topped out. Star Tower, the third phase, is only a few storeys above grade at the bottom of the photo. The small office building at the bottom of the photo is coming down shortly to be replaced by The Onni Group's 3-tower Westlake Village project.


Amexon's South Beach. The west tower's crane has come down, while the east tower's crane stands in front of it.


Camrost Felcorp's iLofts and Tides, left and right, at their Mystic Pointe community. Low, in front of them at left, California is just starting to rise from the podium and above the Mimico Creek woods.