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High angle future with 1 Bloor

No I kinda lost interest... perhaps overwhelmed by the notion of adding 30 new projects ;-)

Just for you, here's a 2 minute addition of Ten York... probably not even in the right location (which speaks to my lack of commitment).

3D, are you working on a render with some of the most recent proposals: 501 Yonge, 10 York, etc? Thanks.

^^^LOL SixPoints... nearly a year later... I posted this in Out & About:

Spacing Toronto used my "ancient" before and after (future) render from Humber Bay in the December hard copy edition called "Tall & Small".

I updated the future render somewhat but left out tons of stuff because the "clutter" was kinda of ridiculous. Threw in one Oxford tower and one Mirvish tower for fun. Some of the buildings included will likely be redesigned but you'll get the general idea of change.

There's a party on Dec. 13th for the magazine. Here's the link:

Spacing Toronto