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Can anyone find just one TTC bus shelter that hasn't been scratched up?
Ah, maybe it's time to start calling in complaints ... though City, Metrolinx, and other government property seem to the ones that they never seem to clean up.

When I did so, it took over a year to see a difference. In that time, an exponential amount of graffiti appeared over what I called in. Why do you think few people call things in? The City actually tends to be the fastest, though the 24 hour rule is a joke.
They don't have to. They can run around abusing the civil liberties granted to them by liberal politicians enough so that average people feel the need to vote for a conservative who promised 'clean streets'. Even though my principles are as hostile to Ford as they can be - it was so refreshing listening to him talking about clean streets when he first brought it up. It'd be a non-issue without these imbeciles destroying our streets on purpose by postering and tagging, however.
I think the best deterrant to " Tagging " is the Sean Penn approach in the movie " Colors ". He plays a policeman partnered with Robert Duvall who catching a gang banger tagging a wall in South Central L.A. grabs the can of paint and proceeds to " Tag " his face. Maybe the TPS should adopt that program for their graffiti eradication program?
^That might work in the same way that they already disposess people of their hard-earned drugs which they then "dispose" of, I'm sure, only to let the "criminals" go without charge. puff, puff, pass

The war has begun
Stupid idiots are destroying the city first by tagging and then by providing support to Ford thanks to the silent majority that sees these acts as vandalism.
Hahaaa....I'm still waiting for someone to tag a transit shelter displaying the anti-graff ad the city put out.I can see it now, Ford's legacy: a tit-for-tat with graffers.....slightly funnier than Miller's legacy, at least.
"Try your war on graffiti?" pretty much sums up what the hell I was talking about. Give it five years and tell me if I was wrong.
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This is probably going to help Ford legitimize everything he's doing in regards to graffiti and various crackdowns. I'd love to catch the degenerates who did that and tag their face with 'FUCK YOU VANDAL'.
Well my garage been tagged again,we install a brand new door and two weeks after we installed the a holes wrote his signature on it....I have a whole case of spray paint that matches my garage door so every time that punk sprays it I will repaint it again.My neighbors are doing the same also,the more you let the tag stays in your neighborhood the worst it would become,we are also installing hidden night cameras on some of the garages to catch the punks red handed.Time to stop this BS about "freedom of expression" this is vandalism pure and simple.I voted for Ford...I will again at the next election.