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Forum Categorization / Nomenclature


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Apr 22, 2007
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Yonge & Mt.Pleasant
I apologize if there is already a General Admin thread. I have noticed that somehow parks, neighbourhoods, and "non-buildings" have for some reason been moved to "Buildings" with zero height and zero storeys because they are not buildings. Why are these things not Infrastructure? Maybe it makes sense to split transportation infrastructure out from other infrastructure if the reason is that people looking at new parks aren't interested in transit projects, but I don't think it makes sense to call parks, rivers, and neighbourhoods "buildings".
The simple answer is the only way to add a pin to the map is to including it in the Buildings section.
@Edward Skira, as mentioned in another thread, one way to alleviate this issue is to keep them as pins, but give parks, and public spaces for example, their own theme thread - as there are SO MANY of them scattered everywhere in the forum. UT giving them weight (say just as much or more City of Vaughn or City of Mississauga gets their own) will help lift the importance of the conversations on public space in this city.