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I was on the elevator this morning and heard two people talking about condo fee increasing soon, a $200 increase! did I miss something?
I didn't get any notifications, has anyone heard about this?
Once the board has a chance to review finances and budget realistically and a reserve fund study is done, it is almost inevitable that condo fees will rise.
Anyone successfully installed smart wifi switches in their unit? I can’t remember if there was a power line cable in the switches or not and can’t check since I’m out of the country.
Hi, since this is a new construction built after 2018, it is a no rent control building. Any owners have increased the rent to market price? Any tenants experienced it?
Hi everyone,
has anyone noticed an increase in number of airbnb people coming to the building?
I had to deal with a confrontation of a drunk person a few months ago and she states that she is an airbnb guest.
A few nights ago, I had another similar situation with a person who turned out to be another airbnb guest.
The airbnb rule is not being forced? Our entire building is turning into an airbnb

Just look at some of these examples: