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Apr 27, 2018
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So here are my back-of-the-napkin projections for you. I am basing these solely on Westlake Encore building, the last project completed in Toronto by Onni Group. A very similar project, same architect, build form, etc.

The building was just above grade around July 2016, similar to where Fortune is at now:
More of Encore, from yesterday evening:

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This is the ground floor pad for the retail low-rise on Park Lawn. It butts up against the Key West low-rise to the right of the pic. There was some talk a chain like Earl's or The Keg or some such would go in here.
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The wall beside the road is temporary while Encore is under construction. When it's done, the internal roadway will continue across the concreted area just beyond the wall, and up to Key West.
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That last shot shows cars lining up on the driveway that goes up to Park Lawn Road. It seems the timing may need to be adjusted. Encore is under construction just behind the cars.


Now, Encore is a 45 storey tower, while Fortune is only 25, so we have to somehow adjust for that in our projections. Here are some milestones for Encore:

So, my projections for Fortune based on Encore are:
  • The building should top off in about 9-10 months, end of 2019
  • PDIs should begin about 4 months after that, April 2020
  • First occupancies a couple of months after that, around June 2020

Please keep in mind that this is pure speculation though :)


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Jun 10, 2009
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Different people will get different dates. Can’t have everyone moving in at once