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Dollarama says protracted trade war will hamper ability to find new products

The Canadian Press September 12, 2019

A protracted trade war between the United States and China could make it more challenging for Dollarama Inc. to find new products that appeal to its customers' desire to hunt for "treasures," the discount retailer's CEO said Thursday.

Found this part of the article interesting:

Dollarama operates 1,250 stores across Canada and expects to grow its network to 1,700 locations by 2027.

It recently exercised its option to purchase a majority stake in Dollarcity for an estimated US$85 million to US$95 million. A total of US$40 million was paid last month with the rest to be handed over next year, subject to final adjustments.

"This truly marks the beginning of a new phase in Dollarama's growth trajectory by establishing a second growth platform in Latin America in complement to our existing Canadian growth strategy," Rossy said.

Dollarcity has 192 stores in Colombia, El Salvador and Guatemala. It expects to add up to 50 this year and expand its network to 600 locations by 2029.

Interesting. The one thing that I've noticed is that Dollarama is always changing up parts of their inventory.
I've heard the odd rumor that this is due to purchasing items through liquidation.

It's going to be interesting to see how Dollarama thrives during this period.
I find that the books selection at Dollarama tends to rotate and appears to follow a common liquidation pattern. They periodically have surprisingly good hardcover photography books available. These are the typical landscape ones you may find at Indigo for like $30 or so, but Dollarama are selling them for $4. There was a recent one available by National Geographic with great photos of Alaska.

Once a while they'll also have other good finds that sneak in under the radar. I got this Tomtoc MacBook case there once for $4, which is usually sold at $25.
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Dollarama being built in the former community space attached to No Frills at Carlaw and Gerrard.

I’m not personally familiar with the charity or the services they offered, but the sign was for Dixon Hall. Some research turned up this:

Founded in 1929, Dixon Hall is a neighbourhood services charity that works to help poor and isolated people in Toronto. Dixon Hall has five main programs: Housing & Homelessness, Seniors, Employment, Neighbourhood, and Community Development.

Also, Loblaws is listed as a donor on at least one of their annual reports.
As @JasonParis said, I thought this was a blank wall. What was the community space?

Way back when this was site ............discussed by myself, among others, in this thread.


This goes way back.... LOL

When the site was both a Food City supermarket on one level; and a Towers department store on the other.

It later became a 2-level Knob Hill Farms Supermarket; and was subsequently converted to No Frills, but only on the upper level.

The lower level became said 'community space'.
Dollarama has a knack for doubling up on store locations within relatively close vicinity to each other. This and Dufferin Mall, Lansdowne & Dupont and Galleria (before the latter closed for mall space demolition), Parkdale has one on King & Queen, also in downtown there's King & Portland and Spadina & Adelaide.

With that said, this store here should do reasonably well.
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