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I'm on the 10th floor. Yeah, I never bought a new condo before, so I wasn't sure if the PDI being so far ahead of the interim closing was normal. Here's some pics of my appliances.


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Nice pictures Tekguy!

What do you guys think of the microwave situated in that spot? I'm thinking you will have to squat a lot and you're testing your lower back going down and up each time.
I'm on the 10th floor. Yeah, I never bought a new condo before, so I wasn't sure if the PDI being so far ahead of the interim closing was normal. Here's some pics of my appliances.

Thanks Tekguy. I gather that is the neutral package? The flooring doesn't look too bad there, I like the appliances, especially the fan, it looks high end. I agree with wildymyst, the microwave looks very low, although the alternative of combining the fan and microwave is not a look I like and I hear the fans are not as efficient.
The first actual photos of an inside unit. This is history in the After all these years. How long do they allow you to inspect the place? I was thinking whether i should hire a film video crew and video tape the entire place.. ha ha....
Surprisingly I think the hood fan doesn't look bad either. As for the appliance brands, Frigidaire, is pretty standard builder appliances aka cheapest available. The microwave seems ok there, unless you're one of those that like to watch the window as your food is cooking. The washer dryer combo is pretty small. If you never used one before, you need to know, you can fill it right up if you don't plan to use the dryer mode. If you plan to dry after wash, then you should only fill it 75% so clothes have room to tumble. The building has a laundromat downstairs for larger loads such as bedding. Since I don't cook or do laundry, both are moot point for me. The laminant floors do look somewhat decent. For a moment, I thought it wood. Master bedroom is carpeted.

Glad to see this forum is getting life again. Found some useful info here so far.
please do not stand in front of the microwave when its on, say good bye to your sperm!

but besides that warning, the place is looking fantastic, i really like the white on stainless steel appliances... great suite tekguy!
I'm sure there's more risk to your boys after prolonged exposure from carrying your cellphone in your pants pocket, but yeah, I would not stand in front of a crotch level microwave while it is in use.

Yeah, I think the color combinations are pretty sexy. So who's selling and who's moving in after December?
I see the odd unit with lights turned on late in the evenings in the Discovery buildings. I think maybe some people are having a party in some finished suites before the PDI? I'm just saying...
why is there a bed? they already moved in?

I think the bed is just a random staged photo. Nobody's moved in yet. They have that place locked down tighter than Fort Knox. There's a security guard at the entrance to the buildings , and a few more at the front desk. Security has to operate the elevators. So maybe cleaners preparing for the next PDI.
I have a clear view of the buildings from my condo (Aria) and I can tell you that nobody has moved in yet. I'm pretty sure that suite lights that are on were simply left on from PDI's or work that needed to be done.

As for the units for sale, I'm sure the pictures are just those of a random model suite, I've seen them used for many different suites already.

As soon as I get my keys, I will be camping out on the laminated floor in a sleeping bag for the first nite. I have waited too long for my unit to be up and going!!!

But it looks like others can't wait to sell..

Dividing the price/square foot, this is 502 per square feet!! I don't know those who got in really early but mine was under 400 per square foot, wondering what everyone else who bought can do their calculations. Of course this is without parking calculated. I'm amazed that they are reaching downtown prebuild prices. I'm wondering with all the number of units, I'm sure a lot of them rentals whether these prices can be sustained with Tango coming on board soon. Opinions?

I think if you google Concord Park Place price lists, one of the first links will take you to an agent's page that will show some of the original prices of Discovery Buildings A & B, which has gotten a lot of hits to be near the top of the search. They were most likely lower than $400 per square foot then.

As for Tango1 and 2, I'm not sure how to compare the 2 projects because it's sort of like apples and oranges.

Here's my shot at common sense:

-Tango 1 & 2 interior design are different than Discovery. It sounds and looks like they have higher name brand appliances but designed by different interior designers.
-Discovery is more space conscience and aimed to be more functional with breakfast tables, and 2 in 1 washer/dryers to squeeze useable sq out of smaller units.
-Discovery has more buildings but share bigger and practical amenities that are "full size" compared to each building having it's own amenities.
-Discovery is further away from the highway than the Tangos
-Tango purchasers will probably think Tango is better than Discovery
-Tango is more expensive because it came out later and the price is also adjusted to the market and the infrastructure has been built up a bit in the area
-I think both projects will have lots of investors and there are a lot more new buildings left to be built, so we'll see what the verdict is when the first people move in to the units and give an update what they think.
-Afterall, it's a master plan community so if people don't like living around lots of people, then they're better off buying in single projects instead elsewhere.
-Whatever the latest price is at Tango, I don't think there's much of a price difference in the market for Discovery, so the benchmark is at whatever the latest price people are willing to buy at Park Place, because they're in the same location.
I got into Tango1 at $375psf without parking, and i think with parking is around $400. Looks like discovery and tango 1 owners are going to see good profits if $500psf stabilizes for this intersection. Honestly I think it will since ARIA is much pricier, so Park Place will be a good alternative for those people who want to be in this area.