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Cannot Create New Threads -WHY ?


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May 30, 2011
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Hi Forum admin or whoever knows,

I am unable to create a New Tread like this, under Toronto Issues category. Any reason why?

So if I cannot post new Threads where I am going to get 20 or more threads posted to qualify to post threads? And why there isn't a notification to this effect of the forum, instead of having me wasted lots of time thinking I was doing something wrong. This is frustrating. Not right.

This was just changed a few days back. Sorry that we didn't make a notification about it. You can't start a new thread but you can comment on existing ones. Once you hit 20 posts (only 18 more to go) you'll be able to create a new thread. Sorry but we've had some massive spam issues in the past and this has made a big difference.
There are bound to be old or ancient existing threads that can be reused by adding a new post to them. Just get familiar with the advanced search function to look for one, two, or more threads with the key words you are attempting to use.

There, I just added a post to my own count.
Yeah this is kind of frustrating as I came on here mainly to post and discuss a floorplan I was thinking of changing. Oh well. At least here's another post to add to the count ;)
From Rules Of Conduct

Posting Guidelines
- New members need to have 20 posts before they can start their own thread. This is now physically hardwired into the system to reduce spam.
I wanted to start a topic that isn't covered by any existing threads.
I can't post the topic to an existing thread because that would be off topic.
How do i find out how many posts I have made?
I have posted in the past however when I click on my ID and view forum posts it says non found ?
Thank You