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Calatrava's Chicago Spire (Chicago)


It is common knowledge that Americans pay more for health care. I just love when the uninformed boisterously voice their opinions.

I don't think Toronto and Chicago are 'in different leagues' when it comes to the sectors mentioned by FutureMayor.

Uninformed.I lived and worked in Chicago for 10 months.Anyways there are other forums on the net to debate which city is better.
Uninformed.I lived and worked in Chicago for 10 months.Anyways there are other forums on the net to debate which city is better.

If there are other forums to "debate" this, then why did you bring up the issue in this thread?

If you suggest that someone else is uninformed, you could actually try to back that assertion up with something other than a mere "I lived there for ten months."
I think he was saying that you were uninformed about health care, not about Chicago. You said that Canadians pay more for health care, when it is an easily proven fact that they pay far less. That's all that he was disagreeing with you about.
Actually, it wasn't me who said any of that. I was the one suggesting to stay on topic - something that I ended up not doing.
Latest Out of Chicago - New Render, New 3D Model, Sample Floors etc

The following comes posts, including this one, are derived from several sources: Associated Press, Yahoo news, SkyscraperPage (SSP) Chicago Spire, SkyscraperCity (SSC) Chicago Spire, Newcity Skyline Chicago Spire, Official Chicago Spire Website, Shelbourne Development, and Schulman Photography.

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Calatrava latest render:



  • We have been told thus far that what looks like a sculpted wall on the right, is apparently a new type of hoarding to protect pedestrians and vehicles on Chicago's Lake Shore Drive from the debris of the site. This will be constructed sometime before the building comes out of the ground.

    If this truly is hoarding, the render makes it look almost like an artistic statement. Would be interesting to know what type of material will be used. And why, one may ask, is the render the place where hoading is being introduced, especially since this looks like an apparently finished Chicago Spire? ... Stay tuned as to whether this is all legitimate or sometype of a ruse.

  • The last view of the base and main shaft illustrated a more uniform colour, which most believed was an indication that the glass was clear and reflecting the magic hour sun. Now the base and shaft are of different colours, leading to renewed speculation about tinting/transparency might now be part of some type of a new colour palette.

  • "Chamfered edges" that appeared to be undergoing a change near the base, are now being confirmed to be part of the entire shaft of the structure as well. The chamfer or shaving of the edge, made that part of the surface appear less smooth and consistent, while the new look is more sculptural. Maybe one can count these new mini-surfaces as sides now, rather than chamfers. The 3D model further supports this conclusion, from what we both see ahead, and were told by those who actually attended this invitation-only session.
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Calatrava appears to be conjuring up the new refinements. But in reality he was simply checking for flaws in his delicate 3D model, before a presentation.


We should be getting better pictures of the 3D model, starting today. I will add whatever I find to this particular post.
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Uno momento por favor ... I cannot rest on the bed after staying up all night, checking and re-checking all the details ... the people, they have already arrived. I'll go over to a comfotable chair and relax there ...


I am so very tired, and then there are the bridges in Dallas, and the building in Atlanta, and the Transit Hub for PATH en Nueva York, and ...​


Please ... Enjoy yourself ... I shall be back this afternoon. Hasta luego ...​

Latest Continued - Living Room Options

And now for the models shown only to the invitees. Models of this type can be very deceptive, because this building will be among the most highly customized of any residential tower in the world, according to publicists.



Several but not all of these photographs were officially released to Newcity Skyline for display on the internet. They have the copyright but are aware that the images will be used on other websites.​
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Although I have taken liberties in slightly reformatting it, this is an advanced copy of what will be released by the developer's PR department today. This fact sheet is filled with interesting information in a number of areas and is well worth the read. The poster was BVictor1 at SSP, and he also attended the invitation-only event.


The Design:
• Designed by Santiago Calatrava with principal design team members including Perkins & Will (Architect of Record), Thornton Tomasetti (Structural Engineers) and Cosentini (Mechanical/Electrical Engineers)
• The Chicago Spire, rising 150 stories, is a private residential building of 1,193 homes
• At 2,000-feet (609.6m) tall, The Chicago Spire will be the world’s tallest exclusively residential building and the tallest building in the western world
• Each floor of the seven-sided building rotates on average 2.44 degrees between floor plates, giving The Chicago Spire its distinctive fluid appearance; the building turns a total of 360 degrees
• The lobby footprint is 15,220 sq. ft (1,413.98sqm)
• Base-to-height ratio approaches one to ten, making The Chicago Spire the most slender supertall building in the world
• It has 2,594,893 gross sq. ft (241,073sqm) of space from the ground level
• The exterior will be constructed of high performance glass and steel
• Spectacular 53 ft high (16.01m) transparent lobby featuring Calatrava’s breathtaking sinusoidal motioned maple ceiling
• Among its many engineering achievements, The Chicago Spire will have the world’s longest elevator run at 1,864 feet (568.14m):
- Elevators will transport all residents from the ground floor directly to their floor
- Average wait time for an elevator is 32.5 seconds (Low, Mid-Low and Mid-High Rise Groups – 35 seconds/High Rise Group – 30 seconds)
- 17 elevators (14 passenger elevators in four banks, three freight/fire elevators)
- Elevators employ the largest hoist machines available weighing 45,000 lbs (20.411 MT)
• The Chicago Spire will incorporate world-class sustainable engineering practices to meet Gold standard of LEED certification; LEED is a green building rating system providing a set of standards for environmentally-sustainable construction
- Rainwater recycled for landscaping treatments
- River water used for cooling
- Ornithologically-sensitive glass included to protect migratory birds
- Bike storage (for approx. 400 bikes)
- Planting and development of parkland
- Underground parking to reduce environmental impact and heat gain
- Intelligent Building and Energy Management System will be incorporated to provide efficient use of resource while optimizing comfort
- Waste storage and recycling management
- Outdoor air delivery will be monitored to maximize occupant comfort
- 15 percent more efficient than current energy regulations​

The Residences:
• All 1,193 residences are designed by Santiago Calatrava; no two units are alike
• Extraordinary collection of suites, one-through-four bedroom homes including a Calatrava signature unit called a Gallery
- A Gallery is larger than a suite and reflects the full artistic vision of Santiago Calatrava
- Features custom-designed circular bed enclosure with sliding glass doors to provide a separate sleeping area
- Wood wall panels also cover sections of ceiling​
• Unit square footage ranges from 534 sq. ft (49.61sm) to 10,293 sq. ft (956.25sm) – a duplex penthouse with 360 degree unparalleled views
• Prices will range from $750,000 USD to $40,000,000 USD
• With generous 10 ft (3.09m) ceilings and windows combining vertical and trapezoidal glass panels, residences will have breathtaking and unique views of the lakefront, skyline, city neighborhoods and four states (Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan)
• Residents will enter their home through a hardwood door, with door hardware designed exclusively for The Chicago Spire by Calatrava
• Materials have been chosen from a natural palette and include:
- Wide-plank herringbone hardwood floors
- Elegant granite
- Marble and onyx stone
- Crafted European cabinetry
- Integrated American and European appliances
- European plumbing fixtures​

The Amenities:
• The amenities in The Chicago Spire are exclusive to residents only
• Located on floors five through seven and encompassing 45,603 total sq. ft (4,236.65sm) of space, the amenity program will establish a new standard for a distinctive lifestyle. Amenities include:
- Full concierge services
- Annular (ring-shaped) recreational and lap pool
- Cigar room and personal humidors
- Residents’ library
- Children and teen games area
- Private movie screening theater
- Business center and conference room
- Private dining rooms​

The Site:
• Located on 2.2-acre site bounded by Lake Shore Drive, Ogden Slip, Lake Michigan and the Chicago River, The Chicago Spire will be the focal point of Chicago’s skyline
• Approximately six-acre site plan designed by Santiago Calatrava incorporates DuSable Park; public park owned by the Chicago Park District in honor of Jean Baptiste Pointe du Sable, the first non-Native American settler of Chicago
• One-acre landscape plaza along the river will be open to the public for residents and non-residents to enjoy

The Sales Center:
• Overlooking the building site, the sales center encompasses the entire 18th floor of the NBC Tower (455 North Cityfront Plaza Drive), with a total of 19,815 sq. ft (1,840.87sm) of space
• Expansive model space features two outfitted units – including the signature Calatrava Gallery with the distinctive circular bed enclosure
• Features original artwork by Santiago Calatrava
- Ceramic sculpture to serve as focal point of sales center entrance
- Early sketches and watercolors documenting the evolution and inspiration behind The Chicago Spire’s design
- Various sketch books
• Includes 900 sq. ft (83.61sm) of exhibition space and Calatrava Museum, which will showcase the architectural models of Calatrava-designed buildings and bridges including: The World Trade Center Transportation Hub, the Athens Olympic Sports Complex, Malmo’s Turning Torso and the Milwaukee Art Museum

The Sales Campaign:
• We are currently scheduling appointments to accommodate the exceptional interest in The Chicago Spire; contact 312.516.4800 to schedule a time to visit the sales center
• Global sales launch and first public offering to occur in Chicago on January 14, 2008 followed by events in 14 other world cities, including: Dublin, Moscow, Hong Kong, Seoul, and New York

The Construction:
• Work commenced on-site June 26, 2007 with the first of 34 caissons
- Caissons are drilled 110-feet into bedrock​
• The parking garage reaches seven levels underground with six floors (11.6 acres) of usable parking space
• Construction of the access ramps from lower Lake Shore Drive will begin Q4 2007
• It is anticipated The Chicago Spire will begin to rise from the ground Q3 2008
• Completion and occupancy expected to commence Q4 2011
Thanks for that Zephyr. It will be fascinating to watch this project unfold.
Today a video of the latest chamfers-to-sides change has been posted on the official Chicago Spire website - hosted jointly by the staffs of both the developer and the architect.

This video starts at the base and includes an area that I was unable to show in my earlier posts - the top half with pinnacle. In all, the automatically recycling video will take about one minute during each playback to swirl 360 degrees around a representation of the latest version of the Chicago Spire, dramatically traversing a compressed time from day to night. The accompanying choral takes it up a notch as well:

Please check out the rest of this website. The LOCATION section contains slides of Chicago, and a so-called DOCUMENTARY places the Chicago Spire within the context of Chicago architecture, with an interesting dollhouse type view inside of a mocked-up floor.