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Brampton Transit/Zum

I class 501 as an 15-20 minute route on Sunday. Anything less than that is chasing people away from using transit and having riders on over crowded buses.

Nothing wrong having YRT or MT overlapping BRT routes as if offer better connection to each system that allows riders not having to have long wait transferring from one system to another well encouraging ppl to use transit more.

501 pre pandemic was a 15 min frequent route on both Saturday and Sunday when we had the 501A still running. There's a lot more demand in York Region now and the most simplest fix to help this is to bring back 501A all day, and to extend Viva Orange to Highway 50 or The Gore Rd.

Its still infuriating that it hasn't happened yet but when it does that could put intense relief and crowd control on the 501. The A/C branches will deal with York U and riders who want to get to the subway faster, as well as all the employment areas around Keele. While Viva Orange can help for East Brampton riders going on Highway 7, who right now already deal with overcrowded Zum buses that occasionally skips their stops because the buses are beyond full. This is how Miway's 103 route works really well and complements with the 502 instead of going against it and throwing potential ridership out the window.

From No 2. above:





2026 looks to be a big year with Zum Bramalea and a Night service (24-hour) network.
The 2023 service changes will most likely hit its peak in September with 505A and 104 likely seeing more of their planned service then, and possibly the full all day return of York U service assuming it won’t be relocated especially if the TTC-GO fare integration happens.

They stated that both Hurontario and Finch LRT’s will impact the entire transit network, for the better obviously. But apparently if one of the lines gets delayed, the Chinguacousy Zum won’t be in service for its planned opening in 2024. Understandable for the former but the latter has absolutely nothing to do with the service as it wouldn't even connect to the 504 so that’s interesting to point out.

2025 will look to be a breather year with minor improvements before heading into 2026 with Bramalea Zum and the introduction of night service. They’re projecting that all day 2 way Kitchener line service will be implemented by then, mainly the 15 min or better service between Bramalea-Union which is what they’re hoping will happen for this Zum route to fully capitalize on. One thing to mention is that they’re only going for Bramalea GO-Sandalwood only on the Zum so maybe there’s a plan to fill in the gaps both north and south of those points? What will happen to the 115 as well as the Bramalea Zum won’t be fully replacing its route and heading to Pearson as was previously expected.

The night service in 2026 will only be for between 11PM-2AM. It won’t fully be 24/7 until 2027 in which the routes that got new service between those times will then get expanded and extended to a 24/7 schedule.
I’m not sure why 11pm-2am is given as the key corridors operate after 11 pm, well past midnight. Perhaps it just means there would be guaranteed trips in both directions during that time.
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Starts at the 6 min 9 sec mark. Press release here and text below.

BRAMPTON, ON, May 29, 2023 /CNW/ - Today, the Honourable Kamal Khera, Minister of Seniors and Member of Parliament for Brampton West, Maninder Sidhu, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Member of Parliament for Brampton East, His Worship Patrick Brown, Mayor of Brampton on behalf of Brampton City Council, and Josipa Petrunić, President & CEO of the Canadian Urban Transit Research & Innovation Consortium (CUTRIC), announced a joint investment of $1.1 million to plan the electrification of the City of Brampton's transit system.

Funding will support Brampton Transit as they undertake their Zero Emission Bus Implementation Strategy and Rollout Plan. The plan will guide Brampton's transition to a full fleet of zero emission electric buses. The study, being undertaken by CUTRIC, includes cost and saving assessments, fleet and facility requirements, energy as a service, resourcing, risk analysis, and advanced predictive modeling for bus deployment.

This is a critical milestone in the City of Brampton's plan to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent by 2050. The transition to zero emission buses is anticipated to cut approximately 115 tonnes of CO2 emissions per bus every year, and approximately 53,000 tonnes annually – which is the equivalent of removing 12,000 cars from the roads.

By investing in infrastructure, the Government of Canada is growing our country's economy, increasing the resiliency of our communities, and improving the lives of Canadians.


"'Our 2030 and 2050 emissions reduction targets are ambitious and require a whole-of-society approach. Since 2015, our federal government has made historic investments in public transportation worth $26.7 billion to support thousands of transit projects across the country. This is in addition to further measures announced in Budget 2023, which will bring total federal investments supporting climate action to over $200 billion. As we move toward the goal of a cleaner environment, a greener economy and good-paying jobs for the future, I applaud the City of Brampton to be part of the solution as the transition to zero-emission buses will provide cleaner, more efficient transportation options to residents of Brampton, and help us meet our emission reduction goals."

The Honourable Kamal Khera, Minister of Seniors and Member of Parliament for Brampton West, on behalf of the Honourable Dominic LeBlanc, Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs, Infrastructure and Communities

"The development of Brampton's Zero Emission Bus Implementation Strategy and rollout plan is an important step in reducing emissions and improving the quality of life for residents. This is an investment in the long-term health of the community and will help Canada achieve net zero by 2050."

Maninder Sidhu, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Member of Parliament for Brampton East

"The City of Brampton is proud to continue our collaboration with CUTRIC in their capacity as the National Zero Emission Bus Planning Service for the Government of Canada. Thank you to our federal partners for their investment in Brampton's Zero Emission Bus Implementation Strategy & Rollout Plan, which is required to help us plan our transition to a full fleet of zero-emission buses in the City of Brampton. Transit electrification builds on Council's Climate Emergency declaration in support of building a Green City, and helps to achieve the goals established by the Government of Canada including the ultimate goal of becoming net zero emissions by 2050."

His Worship Patrick Brown, Mayor of Brampton

"The City of Brampton shares the vision of sustainable, low-carbon public transit system with its partners and supporters the Government of Canada and CUTRIC. I want to thank CUTRIC and the Government of Canada for continuing to collaborate with Brampton Transit as a leader in sustainable transportation and Brampton as a Green City. This implementation strategy is a necessary step in our electrification journey, which is the most significant technological change for bus operations in the history of Brampton Transit."

Marlon Kallideen, Chief Administrative Officer, City of Brampton

"Addressing climate change and preparing for a climate-changed world starts with cities. CUTRIC is proud to work with the City of Brampton and Brampton Transit who, like us, are driven by technology and the need to trail-blaze zero-emission public transit in the country. This project will further support the transformation of Canada's carbon mobility landscape and hopefully encourage other cities and communities to consider a clean transit overhaul of their own."

Josipa Petrunić, President & CEO, Canadian Urban Transit Research & Innovation Consortium

Quick facts

  • The Government of Canada is investing $880,000 in this project through the Zero Emission Transit Fund, and the City of Brampton is contributing $220,000.
  • Since 2015, the Government of Canada has invested more than $26,7 billion in public transit projects for communities across Canada - the largest public transit investment in Canadian history.
  • Launched in 2021, the Zero Emission Transit Fund offers support to public transit and school bus operators across Canada who are electrifying their fleets.
  • The Government of Canada is investing $10 million through the Zero Emission Transit Fund over five years to allow CUTRIC to work with transit bus operators to complete planning work, and increase their level of readiness to transition to zero emission bus fleets.
  • CUTRIC's mission is to support the commercialization of technologies through industry-led collaborative research, development, demonstration, and integration projects that bring innovative design to Canada's low-carbon smart mobility eco-system.
Lol Feels like everything is closing down in Bramalea for 2023 (library/civic centre, 4 rec centres, bus terminal). At least the updated Go station is open for business.
Bramalea terminal is not that old, (what 10, 12 years?) yet it seems like it is frequently needing major repairs multiple times already.
Minor service changes for the summer board period, but 501C’s service hours are being extended to middays:

Hopefully this 501C mid day will relieve some stress off the insane and ridiculous demand on Hwy 7. Its obviously nowhere near the pre pandemic service of the 501A/C was but its something so it’s respectable. Glad to see 60 have better-ish service again as well.

September is probably when we’ll see the biggest improvements to BT to date, resources and ridership will most likely complement each other by then.
Almost 600k jump in a single month and it's not even September!
I don't think there's going to be much of a slowdown this summer from workers going on vacation and students out of school.
Service levels need to ramp up ASAP. Been passing too many stops on full buses where there's 30+ upset people waiting for a transfer anywhere around Queen/Steeles.