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Blue Jays

And Bo Bichette just blew out his knee, how bad is not known, but it looked bad. And wow it's the day before the trade deadline, that is one hell of a time for a major unknown injury to happen.
Blue Jays off to the playoffs for the second year in a row, third in four years. It seemed that the Jays were destined to play at the 'Trop for the wild card series but instead travelling to the midwest to play the Twins. A part of me feels that's a better matchup, but the Twins have been playing some good ball over the last month and their top two starting pictures are going to be tough to play against - the Jays' bats haven't been too hot recently against some their recent opponents top starters. Minnesota will also be tying to snap their 18 consecutive loss streak in the playoffs which will be extra motivation. That being said, this group of Jays have their own 5-game losing streak in the playoffs (and haven't won a playoff game since 2016).

Regardless, let's hope the Jays bats come alive and our pitchers deliver they way they have all season.
The Beaverton's headline provided the perfect foreshadowing 💀

What a wild ride today.

The ride being legitimate high-paid journalists spending the whole day covering a rumour that turned out to be completely false based on a dream Tweet from some random guy who looks up flight plan data.

It would have been nice to have him, but not for 700 million!!!!!!

Blue Jays miss out as Shohei Ohtani agrees to historic 10-year, $700M US contract with Dodgers​