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Blue Jays

Jays killed the Orioles 22-7 Looks like a football score lol

2nd highest run-up in Franchise history............all time best was 24 runs on June 26 1978.........

Against............wait for it................The Orioles.
Ray to the Mariners, the day after Semien signs with Texas.

Pay day meant more to both of them than winning a world series (let's face it, Texas and Seattle aren't contending or winning any time soon no matter how much money those owners - mainly the former - throws out).

Definitely disappointing, but both players earned their new contracts.
This just adds to the sense that last year WAS their year for a possible championship.

I think they have a fairly wide window open, and will for some time. Pitching should be better this year, and they do have some up-and-coming talent like Moreno to plugin to the lineup.

Not sure who the better bet is between Gausman and Ray. It's close. Overall though, Gausman costs slightly less, they get an extra draft pick and doesn't have an opt-out which probably makes this an overall win for them.
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Last year was just the beginning for this new core. I mean they only played 32 actual home games in Toronto and still managed to be 20 wins over .500; that's pretty damn impressive
The Blue Jays acquired all-star third-baseman Matt Chapman from the Athletics for four players:

The four players headed to the Athletics are 2021 first-round draft pick Gunnar Hoglund, reliever Kirby Snead, and two prospects.

Bringer of Rain 2.0 anyone?

This year will be a very exciting year for the Blue Jays, especially with the expanded playoffs.