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Bloordale Village

This is unfortunate. The brunch place "Baddies" at Bloor & Lansdowne, closed down permanently at the end of March after around 6 years in business.

Some small scaled intensification on Lansdowne just south of Bloor:

Ward 9: Davenport

Proposal to convert existing single family dwelling to a fourplex (4 units) with an addition to the existing 3rd floor and 2 storey rear addition. Existing rear garage to be demolished.

Some of these aren't the most current pics, but here's a sprinkling of some notables around the Bloordale and Wallace Emerson areas:

Neon Commissary is opening up beside Bar Neon:


However, "That Dog Next Door" (next door to the above) is closing:


Saigon Snadwiches opening on Lansdowne, just north of Bloor. I believe they're now open:


Nofa Cafe just north of the Lansdowne subway station:


Balam Mexican restaurant bit further up on the west side of Lansdowne that's getting good ratings:


Some construction even further up along Lansdowne:


Some newish looking homes within the residential side streets of the Wallace Emerson area:

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Hi: Don’t know if this is the right thread. I live at Bloor West and Perth and regularly walk to Landsdowne Station which is off a fascinating street called Wade. As many of you know there is the long ago announced 77 Wade project that has not seen any movement. But after a little walk about I think that I know why. The Bloor Landsdowne Station redevelopment is happening just to the south and the access improvements that will accompany the Junction Diamond project will increase the connectivity of this site ten fold so I think the owners are probably upgrading their plans accordingly. In addition there has already been movement on the streets surrounding it to higher end uses as seen by the new juice bar, coffee shop and roaster as well as several creative industry businesses in converted warehouse buildings. I will keep an eye on this little nook as I think it is about to see immense change! Sorry for rambling about what must be obvious to others who live around here but it was a pleasant surprise to me.
Yeah, that's a great little pocket. Reminds me a bit of the Sterling Rd. area.

The Paton Rd. tunnel will really bring people through there too. Great shortcut to Lansdowne Station. I would have used that really often when I lived closer to that end of the neighbourhood.
1303 DuPont Street right next door to the new Wallace Emerson Community Centre. 3 units. Photo taken 22 April.
Hey coffee peeps! Solkatt Café (which replaced Baddies at Landsdowne and Bloor) is introducing pastries from Brodflour, the Swedish bakery in Liberty Village. Sounds like Cardamon knots and muffins to start but this is stellar news! Spread the word! 🇫🇮
Interesting proposal for 942 Bloor Street West at Delaware just west of Dovercourt. Commercial running north along Delaware is great as well as the inclusion of 2 storey loft-style units.


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I have no problem with the scale/idea at play here; but the windows and cladding look purposefully ugly to my eye, and I don't see a band for retail signage.
Metal siding for cladding? Awful.

Also, I really miss the Rooster. Used to occasionally get takeout there. Reasonably priced rostisserie chicken, ribs, salads, etc. I was hopeful they'd renovate and reopen after that unfortunate fire, or at least relocate, but no...there's a real gap for that sort of thing in the area now and it pisses me off.
I don't mind the Delaware side too much, but the way it fronts Bloor is rather bleak.

Count me in as well as missing the Rooster. Nice value and portions and at a good location, especially with the secondary entrance to the Ossington station on Delaware.

One thing I must add is that hopefully the property owners can move quicker with these small scaled redevelopments. One block east along Bloor at Concord has a corner property that's been boarded up for a few years. Along with a 4 storey residential building on the south side of Bloor, just west of the church on the SW corner of Bloor & Ossington, that's been left unfinished for what feels like nearly a decade now.