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The most recent study showed expansion in both directions:

That study looked at 168 Meter extensions on both sides:

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Below, I have extracted an image from Google and shown what an added 168M looks like on the south-western side of the Airport. Note the distance to Ontario Place. Then consider that line being twice as long.
The study also notes that TC may amend the reference code for that airport, should it do so they may also trigger runway widening.

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You should also note that though this is one continuous stretch of pavement, it is functionally 2 runways. This allows for take-off/approach from 2 different sides of the airport.

Extending only one side, extends only one runway.

And therefore reduces the airport's operating capacity significantly.

Unless I'm missing something from the runway extension plans. Extending the runway affects both directions not just one.
Extending one side affects both runways.

Depending on required take-off distance/aircraft type this is true; though options are shown for a uni-directional extension, but it results in shorter take-off / landing distances.

This is shown in the associated chart.
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