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BC Place Redevelopment


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Apr 24, 2007
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The BC Place dome was deflated today in preparation for the new roof - part of the facility's redevelopment, which includes the construction of an adjcent hotel and casino complex.

11:28 AM: Centre of BC Place roof deflating
News1130 Photo by Jill Drews

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) - It's the end of an era and the start of another for B.C. Place Stadium. Deflation of the air-supported roof is complete.

Tourism Minister Kevin Krueger and PavCo boss David Podmore did the honours just after 11 a.m., when they turned off the fans that keep the roof inflated. Many people walking around Vancouver were seen staring at the stadium, trying to catch a glimpse of the roof sinking. The centre of the roof was first to show signs of the deflation underway, sagging slightly just after 11:10.

Crews will now begin stripping away the old roof material. It is being recycled by a Michigan company, which will use it for things like movie screens, purses, and even portable skating rink beds.

After the old roof is taken away, installation will begin on a new retractable roof. It is being called the largest cable-supported retractable roof in the world, which should be complete sometime next year.
Cool video of the deflation:


More info here:


http://www.bcplace2011.com/media/img/page3/BC Place Vision 2011_FACT SHEET.pdf


Casino casino complex pics - not final design:


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Apr 24, 2007
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The first mast was installed yesterday, July 28, 2010.

Pics by enthoesfog at SSP (you can also see the new cladding installed at the rim of the stadium):

Looking down Georgia, while I was driving, taken at around 12:15 today:

Closer in:
Pics by SFUVancouver at SSP:

Taken by SFUVancouver, July 28th, 2010.

Taken by SFUVancouver, July 28th, 2010.
Also, new renders of the casino project posted by JLousa at SSP earlier this month:
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Anyways just wanted to post some details on the Casino/Hotel proposal

2 hotels: 349 room 4.0+star Signature Hotel, 298 room, 3.5 star Boutique Hotel
1 full service Salon and Spa, 2 exercise gyms
1 Three meal Restaurant with patio-ground level
1 Fine Dining Steakhouse
1 Chinese Restaurant
1 Sushi/Noodle bar
1 Roof top Specialty Restaurant/Lounge
1 Deli
1 Foodcourt/Quick Bites
1 Cabaret/Multi-Purpose Space
1 Skybar
1 Sports bar
2 Centre Bars
Up to 150 tables
- 30 poker tables
- 90-96 table games
- 20 table High limit room
- 4 private high limit gaming salons
Up to 1,500 slots
Off track betting
(Current casino 60 tables/520 slots)

Major Conference facilities including:
15,816 SF Pre-function space
14,819 SF Grand Ballroom
9,810 SF Ballroom
5,163 SF Jr. Ballroom
4,386 SF of Meeting Rooms
2,000 SF Business Center
13,187 SF Roof top atrium style
Pool/Patio flex space
5,317 total SF of street front retail

1,200 Subterranean Parking Spaces (including valet)
(current 620 spaces)

Some newer renders, (I also have floor plans but I won't be posting them at this time)

Smithe St

Pacific St

Cambie Bridge

Massing Aerials
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Apr 24, 2007
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I'll ask the obvious question. Why didn't they do this before the Olympics?


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Apr 24, 2007
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It wasn't politically determined what the future of BC Place would be at the time.
There was a local real estate lobby group that was pushing for the complete demolition of BC Place after the Olympics (for development of condos on the valuable downtown site).

The blow-out of the roof panel in 2007 forced the issue, and it was determined in about 2008 or so to rehabilitate BC Place
- but there wasn't time to replace the roof before the Olympics (not without great risk).
However, interior renovations were largely completed before the Games.

Here's a pic from yesterday with the second mast in place from a co-worker's condo - August 5, 2010:
(two pics merged because his wide angle isn't wide enough)

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