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365-367 Queen Street West (Silver Snail site, 3s, Montgomery Sisam)

Yeah I think after the boom in this stretch maybe what 10 years ago or so ? Things really went on the decline, but to be honest, I think it's better now i.e. while this is anecdotal, I think the overall vacancy rates have dropped back down a bit (nowhere near the hay day of course).

I'm sure it was a matter of when this area (and to the west of here) was all the rage, rents went up like crazy ... I don't think they ever really came down but they stopped going up for years now ... at some point that probably starts to help.
I find the retail landscape on Queen West between University and Spadina to be at a fairly healthy equilibrium right now. Apart from some outliers like this one, there's not too many vacancies. Even the more stubborn properties like the former HMV/Carl's Jr is going to have LCBO as their new tenant. Some of the newer high end (price per unit of merchandise) entries like Arc'teryx , Nobis, Fjallraven and Casper shows that certain retailers still value having a presence here. The new MEC building, although architecturally dreaded, is also a substantial presence.
Does Queen West (or Queen West Village as some called it in the 1980s) have a BIA? I know West Queen West does as does the Entertainment District, but I think this stretch falls outside both.
TD Bank opening soon:

I'd reckon this may be a move of their Queen & Spadina branch as that corner prepares for future Ontario Line station work.
There was a listing towards prospective tenants for that currently empty space at 369 Queen St W a while ago. But it's remained severely stagnant ever since.

This along with the empty lot further west with the 615 Queen St W address (from the major Queen Street fire many years ago), remain as the last couple notable gaps along the downtown Queen streetscape:

Didn’t Tweed (a cannabis company) occupy the second floor for a short while? Other than that this building has been vacant since it was built.
It’s unfortunate that TD is taking up the entire ground floor space — what a waste of a storefront. I’m sure the rents are really high so only chain businesses and banks can afford to lease here.