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  1. wild goose chase

    Universal Health Care - Still Not Possible in US

    I wonder how (or if) the coronavirus pandemic will change the conversation or favorability of universal health care stateside. After all, the problems with employer-based health insurance are very prominently seen now, with often the most vulnerable in these times of mass layoffs the most in...
  2. wild goose chase

    November 2020 US Election

    Maybe one of the Squad? That'll perhaps satisfy some of the progressives sad about Bernie losing the primary?
  3. wild goose chase

    Restaurant Comings & Goings

    Hmm... you see Chinese and Iranian restaurants trying to distance themselves from the name or image of the "old country" when the coronavirus is over there (back a little while ago there was the problem with the restaurant named after Wuhan)-- I wonder if Italian restaurants are having the same...
  4. wild goose chase

    Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 (nCoV-2019)

    Are they planning on fighting the virus by shooting it or something? Well, better stock up on lots of ammo then. I hear viruses are really small, and there are a lot of them. Hope you have good marksmanship.
  5. wild goose chase

    Chinese food in the GTA

    Was the "lobster tower" a Toronto thing (or invented by that restaurant) or was it something that existed back "in the old country" that was carried over? It's got to be unique enough that other North Americans (and American media in general -- e.g...
  6. wild goose chase

    Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 (nCoV-2019)

    I was just thinking one thing that's noticeably different about this coronavirus outbreak compared to SARS from 2002-2003 is that unlike then, now other first world western countries seem to be getting affected far more and earlier than Canada is. So far, Canada (or Toronto) in particular has...
  7. wild goose chase

    In terms of moving leftward politically, is the US catching up to us (eg. on $15 minimum wage)?

    So, I made this post in April 2016. Perhaps, given that I said "... in the near future", maybe this post hasn't aged well. But there does seem to be an appetite for "progressive" policies among some on the left side in the US (though how potent it will be remains to be seen), so who knows?
  8. wild goose chase

    What explains this geographic trend of a high percentage of young adults living with parents in Southern Ontario?

    I'm in the US and from what I see, the whole trend of young folks becoming more dependant on parents and moving out later/having their first job later is still a thing as it is in Canada (though Toronto now gives most expensive US cities like NYC, SF, and LA, a run for their money in...
  9. wild goose chase

    2020 US Democratic Party primaries discussion

    I'm personally not a big fan of the love of political dynasty for its own sake kind of thing. It strikes me as being a bit old-fashioned and old-world-ish, rather than modern. If a candidate is good, I'd feel like, let them stand on their own merits, not only because they have a family (or...
  10. wild goose chase

    Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 (nCoV-2019)

    To be fair, you could technically still have someone of East Asian descent be xenophobic towards another East Asian (e.g. Hong Kongers disliking mainland Chinese or even born-and-raised East Asian Canadians vs. someone newly arrived). You could very well have someone fear actual people who...
  11. wild goose chase

    Your opinion on making college/university cheaper/more affordable or free?

    Well, making university cheap/free but selective or difficult to get into is another tack. I guess sometimes many people find it hard to square the fact that education has to be for the masses and also free/cheap. But the thing is society is still set up so that a university degree feels just...
  12. wild goose chase

    What explains this geographic trend of a high percentage of young adults living with parents in Southern Ontario?

    I had thought of this initially, but then I'm wondering why somewhere like Oshawa (which has less of these groups and is less expensive to boot) is nearly just as high. In the linked bar graph in my OP, the more diverse and more expensive Toronto CMA has 47.4% and the less diverse and less...
  13. wild goose chase

    What explains this geographic trend of a high percentage of young adults living with parents in Southern Ontario?

    I understand that the high cost of living means that Torontonian young adults likely stay at home longer to save money before being able to have a place of their own. Also, a diverse city like Toronto has many people growing up in cultures where it's more common to live with parents longer into...
  14. wild goose chase

    Population of Toronto (Including 2011 Census Counts)

    Is this due to Toronto's domestic migration or immigration numbers being stronger than LA's, or less out-migration? I know the Texan cities, like Houston have been growing quickly due to both domestic migration from other states and cities, immigration, local birthrates and more affordable housing.