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    Toronto | 65 King Street East | 83m | 18s | Carttera | WZMH

    I wonder if this is a bad sign for the future of Sidewalk Labs. Didn't they promise Google's head office would be in Quayside?
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    Toronto | Ïce Condominiums at York Centre | 234m | 67s | Lanterra | architectsAlliance

    Hmmmm, it's not about becoming the building it was before, as Ice was born with this issue because of the developer and their contracts. But new city laws will slowly fix that. Will Ice's reputation improve? Only time will tell.
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    Toronto | Ïce Condominiums at York Centre | 234m | 67s | Lanterra | architectsAlliance

    Never say never. Once the city rolls out their new Airbnb rules, things should slowly start to turn around. It won't be perfect, but you'll def see less revolving doors. This building deserves a chance.
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    Yonge-Dundas Square (Brown + Storey Architects)

    "Annoyed" is an understatement. Imagine wanting to read this forum about buildings and you read something about how your are less than equal, don't deserve the same rights and are better off dead? That's what it's like to stroll through Yonge Dundas Square for the LGBT+ community.
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    Toronto | KING Toronto | 58m | 16s | Westbank | Bjarke Ingels Group

    P.S. I hope you leave your pessimism at home next time you post.
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    Toronto | The One | 309m | 85s | Mizrahi Developments | Foster + Partners

    I didn't read bias. Just a very valid opinion backed by facts.
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    Toronto | Concord Canada House | 233m | 69s | Concord Adex | IBI Group

    How will they be visible during the day? Different cladding?
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    Toronto | Yonge & Rich Condominiums | 156m | 46s | Great Gulf | architectsAlliance

    You could say at least this condo has a nice name, but then I'm like, wait, the name is even horrible.
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    Toronto | Wellesley on the Park | 194m | 60s | Lanterra | KPMB

    It's amazing how it doesn't come through enough.
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    Toronto | Aquavista at Bayside | 47m | 13s | Tridel | Arquitectonica

    I wouldn't consider this one of the more residential stretches of the DT waterfront, if anything it will be the opposite in 5-10 years with the numerous planned office buildings and additional George Brown Collage building. There is also buzz that the retail location above will be a new organic...
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    Toronto | 31R Parliament Street | 166m | 49s | Cityscape | SHoP

    I don't believe those examples were included in the article. I was pointing out other projects referenced as the article could be included in their threads.
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    Toronto | Daniels Waterfront - City of the Arts | 156m | 45s | Daniels | RAW Design

    And you could use this argument for a dozen other profitable locations which are also minutes from each other (e.g. Scott & Wellington, Esplanade and Church). While the distance between the two doesn't seem great, the mental barrier of crossing under the Gardiner is.