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    Can someone with access to Sold units help me out?

    HI I am a Realtor in the GTA. Let me know if I can be of an assistance to you.
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    Condo troubles?

    It could also be a lot of first time home buyers out growing their condo space. Most first time buyers are in their late twenties. 5 years later they are now in their mid 30's probably married and starting to have children. A one bedroom plus den just won't cut it anymore and it is time to...
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    Looking for recommendation on realtors to sell my North York Condo

    Selling your Condo Hello, I am a realtor and I will be more than happy to guide you through this process. Selling your home doesn't need to be stressful. I can answer any and all of your questions and concerns. If you like, I would be more than happy to work for you and sell your...
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    Long Branch/Lakeshore Village

    Here is an article on Mimico You may find it interesting. The article is titled " Mimico on the Lake. Is this location the next BIG neighbourhood?"
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    Looking for a 2 storey home or split level

    That is a large search area and you shouldn't have to much problems finding a home. Is it safe to assume you work downtown or there abouts? I don't want to suggest areas like Etobicoke for instance when you work in Markham or Scarborough. Any other requirements? IE close to schools...
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    Great Films! Comment or Suggest Some....

    This was a funny movie
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    Gas Prices...

    Unfortunately this will never work. Drivers will just continue to drive and go to the gas station to pump up.
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    684 Warden Ave

    Hi Yama, Did anyone send you the info that you have requested? If not let me know. I will send the information over to you.
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    WTB: 1+1 in King W or St Lawrence Market ($320k - $360k)

    I am selling a one plus den approximately 700 sq ft in North York. If you client is willing to reconsider their living area please have a look.
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    Renting in an unregistered new condo

    Technically the developer is kind of renting to the owner during the occupancy period.
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    4 bedroom

    Hi Celluine, Not sure if you are still looking but the market in Toronto has been very good and some properties move quickly. If you are still looking let us know. We can see what properties are available that meet your requirments and budget.
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    If Your Gonna Rent for more then 5 years, then Better to Buy!!

    I love this Rent VS Home Ownership debate. In my real estate career I have seen this debate argued over and over again. Both sides bring up great points, however the bottom line is that Home Ownership is not for everyone. The same can be said about renting. Renting is not for everyone
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    Do we need a Toronto Aquarium? Not according to Jean-Michel Cousteau.

    I still be very interested to see what the finaly product will be. Hopefully it won't disappoint us and be a waste a time.
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    Toronto Can Support more NHL teams

    I would also love to have a second NHL team within the GTA. Maybe that way I can get tickets.
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    Olivia Chow heads back to work

    Glad to hear it. She along with Jack have worked so hard to get to where they are today. I really feel bad that Mr. Layton had to pass away when his party was finally starting to get some support across the country. Hopefully whoever replaces him will continue his hard work and dedication and...