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    Toronto | Biblio Lofts | 28.91m | 7s | NVSBLE | BDP Quadrangle

    Used to be my wife’s store (Lumière Kids) back in the day. Mac Fab buying the block and then leaving really blighted the street. Glad to see this project - looks great!
  2. Riverdale Rink Rat

    Toronto | The One | 338.3m | 94s | Mizrahi Developments | Foster + Partners For anyone that wants to have ‘fun with figures’ on employment, StatsCan makes it easy. Canadian and Ontario unemployment at very solid low rate of 5.6%. 2019 could very well have a slowdown, and mortgage income affordability...
  3. Riverdale Rink Rat

    Unions vs. Employee Stock Ownership Plans

    It’s interesting the terms you use: give, grant. Unions might be ‘welcomed’ or ‘not resisted’, but they are hardly in management’s position to grant.
  4. Riverdale Rink Rat

    Toronto | Ontario Line (was Relief Line South, in Design) | ?m | ?s

    How ‘bout we build the DRL and see what Crosstown brings before catering to the GTA.
  5. Riverdale Rink Rat

    Unions vs. Employee Stock Ownership Plans

    Can you give me a case where ESOPs and unions are ‘mutually exclusive’? You’re comparing apples and pomegranates.
  6. Riverdale Rink Rat

    Toronto | Leslie Barns | ?m | ?s | TTC | SAI

    Probably wrong thread, but what’s under construction on SW corner of Commissioners and Leslie? Massive new project of some kind.
  7. Riverdale Rink Rat

    Allan Gardens Revitalization Plan

    Or along King in St. James cathedral park? Edward’s Gardens? Kew beach?
  8. Riverdale Rink Rat

    Toronto | Upper East Village | 75.15m | 21s | Camrost-Felcorp | IBI Group

    Full page ad for this in the Globe & Mail this morning
  9. Riverdale Rink Rat

    95 Wellington West recladding (Cadillac Fairview, 20s, WZMH Architects)

    Quite possible -- no clue if they'll just remount the same panels after repairs or they're going to put up something completely different.
  10. Riverdale Rink Rat

    95 Wellington West recladding (Cadillac Fairview, 20s, WZMH Architects)

    Can't find a thread, so starting this to ask if anyone knows the plans here. Looks like they're going to remove the granite like FCP's marble disappeared. Does this mean Scotia Plaza will be next in 'maybe we shouldn't import Italian marble to Canada' cladding mistakes to get redone?
  11. Riverdale Rink Rat

    Toronto | 8 De Grassi | 19m | 5s | Percy Ellis | Brander

    Never thought I’d say it, but... 5 stories is probably too high. The top 2 stories will be over the berm and rattling with every train. (The precedent is probably Fontebonne and it must be a nightmare for top story residents.)
  12. Riverdale Rink Rat

    King Street (Streetcar Transit Priority)

    One of the more pleasant aspects for downtown commuters coming eastbound must be the University stop, as you now enter the PATH via the much better entrance into the food court on the SE corner. Those heading to the subway have a slightly longer walk, but those headed for TD Centre must be happy.
  13. Riverdale Rink Rat

    Toronto | Angular Condos | 29.21m | 7s | Daffodil Developments | Square Vis Architects

    I like this. Good street presence and interesting window design. Agree with AoD that the entrance is a little weird - maybe eliminate the 2nd floor? My commute is 62 Mortimer to Broadview, and both bus and station are rarely crush level crowding (unless the 100 gets backed up in traffic). With...
  14. Riverdale Rink Rat

    Toronto | One Delisle | 155m | 44s | Slate | Studio Gang From the daily e-mail.