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    Ottawa Transit Developments

    Ottawa has another opportunity to re-use the seldom used cross-town rail line to develop another lost-cost single track service. It could link the high tech Kanata business park with thousands of jobs with Greenboro Station (and possibly even further east with a potential connection into...
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    Ottawa Transit Developments

    Unfortunately, 13 trains is the bare minimum to service the required ridership demand. Anything less than that requires supplemental bus service as has been the case on every day since January. At 13 trains, frequency is 4 minutes. The original plan for 15 trains would reduce crowding and...
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    Ottawa Transit Developments

    I am not convinced that Stage 2 is the big difference maker that you claim. After all, the most buses ran through the central section of the Transitway, which is Stage 1. As we move further out, we are covering fewer and fewer passengers. We still have to cover the costs of running and...
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    Ottawa Transit Developments

    We keep getting told that more transfers are good for us. Except frequency on the bus network has been cut because the cost of train service exceeds the cost of the previous bus network. Poor frequency = bad transfers = poor rider experience. My neighbourhood now requires two transfers to...
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    Ottawa Transit Developments

    The city is broke. The trains are proving not to be a cost saver. In fact, since the trains have not been able to meet passenger demand since January, we are spending more on stop gap buses just to somewhat maintain what the Transitway used to deliver. And that all means that resources are...
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    Ottawa Transit Developments

    The city underestimated the cost of the project originally and the province punished the city for cancelling the previous project after the contract was signed. The end result was that the city was covering substantially more than the one third obligation. In order to avoid the cost escalating...
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    Hurontario LRT | Metrolinx

    In Ottawa, trains have to slow down for cross overs, so having more is not desirable.
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    Ottawa Transit Developments

    articulated buses never perform well in Ottawa snowstorms.
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    Ottawa Transit Developments

    After a 16 month launch delay, there was enormous pressure from the public to open the line. There were warnings of trouble. The fact that they could not run 15 trains during the test run was a sign. The fact that they had to reset the 12 day trial multiple times, was a warning. There was...
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    Ottawa Transit Developments

    On a sour note, only 6 trains are running this afternoon. This has become catastrophic. They were contracted to provide 15 trains during peak periods.
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    Ottawa Transit Developments

    I hope you are right about Montreal's REM, but don't gloat until we see those trains in operation particularly in winter. Montreal also faces the same climatic challenges as Ottawa and will use similar electrical delivery to the trains.
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    Ontario Northland and the End of the Northlander

    The CN route went through Algonquin Park and park officials wanted it out of there. That is why that route was abandoned first.
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    Hamilton LRT (Metrolinx/City of Hamilton, Cancelled)

    LRT needs proper planning and integration with the bus network. This needs to be done very well or the results will be underwhelming. The pitchforks are out here in Ottawa for the mayor and various officials because of the botched LRT implementation and inadequate bus integration. Many...
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    What happened to London's trams?

    We did not have the foresight that private transportation was not sustainable in our cities in the long-term. Congestion was inevitable. This is a reflection of democratic society that has such a short planning cycle. And the ultra-democratic and anti-socialist United States is why that...
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    London Rapid Transit (In-Design)

    I have a Presto card here in Ottawa and loved that I could go to Toronto and use it there without any hassle.