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    Toronto | 3300 Rutherford | ?m | ?s | ELAD Canada

    How about we get some viva service on Jane first?
  2. innsertnamehere

    Toronto | History Music Venue | ?m | 2s | Live Nation | IBI Group

    This basically is big-box retail. This building is built the same way, at least.
  3. innsertnamehere

    GO Transit: Service thread (including extensions)

    IIRC NIagara Falls has long term plans to construct a Detroit-people-mover type system along the former rail alignment as well, which would help somewhat.
  4. innsertnamehere

    165 James St S (Hamilton, Core Urban, 8 + 8s, Lintack)
  5. innsertnamehere

    VMC Block A6 and A7 (Former Walmart, Vaughan, SmartCentres, 8x 17-62s, Hariri Pontarini)

    Tallest is listed at 198.6m to roof, but a parapet seems to extend up another metre or so. Probably almost 200m on the dot.
  6. innsertnamehere

    Toronto | Orca | ?m | 7s | Demirov Fine Homes | RAW Design

    I admit this has become better as it finishes up. That spandrel on the corner is terrible but the rest of it looks decent.
  7. innsertnamehere

    Roads: Ontario/GTA Highways Discussion

    except it doesn't as there isn't a direct connection from the 403 sb to QEW eb. So that signage is accurate.
  8. innsertnamehere

    Toronto | Portland Commons | 71.7m | 15s | Carttera | Sweeny &Co

    I thought I remembered seeing confirmation years ago that WealthSimple was taking this building?
  9. innsertnamehere

    The Design District 41 (Hamilton, Emblem, 3x 30s, IBI Group)

    This will be called "The Design District 41", looks like sales will launch soon: Demolition of the two existing structures on the site was recently completed:
  10. innsertnamehere

    Toronto | The Bronte | ?m | 8s | Brixen | Arch. Unfolded

    Wow, these shot up it seems.
  11. innsertnamehere

    Tom Patterson Theatre Rebuild (Stratford Festival, 1s, Hariri Pontarini) COMPLETE

    What an absolutely world class facility. What a gift to the arts in this province. 11/10
  12. innsertnamehere

    Toronto | 2489 Dufferin | 34.11m | 9s | Atria | Kohn

    No angular plane!
  13. innsertnamehere

    GO Transit: Service thread (including extensions)

    my understanding is that this is actually true - The peak isn't as intense, but generally the busiest flight times align with business hours to reflect business flyers.