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  1. innsertnamehere

    Toronto | 2323 Yonge | 137.8m | 37s | RioCan | DIALOG

    Those are some crazy high ceiling heights in the office space.. 5.4m floor to floor, with the top floor being over 7m! Makes me wonder if they have a specific tenant in mind or something that is demanding such crazy heights.
  2. innsertnamehere

    Exhibition Place

    You'd have to demolish the princes gates for that one.. don't think that'll happen.
  3. innsertnamehere

    Walmart Relocation Vaughan (SmartREIT, 1s, ?)

    My understanding is that Mitch Goldhar uses it as his own personal Helipad. While previously he likely walked over from his office to it, I imagine now he'll simply have someone drive him over. It's not too far. I believe it sits far enough south on the property to be in the "future...
  4. innsertnamehere

    St. Lawrence Market

    Wellington is very frustruting. It's ridiculous how long it's taking. The city's road construction program is huge for the downtown area this year though, if it's any consolation. They probably are redoing more streets this year than any year in the last decade.
  5. innsertnamehere

    Toronto | Edge Towers | ?m | 55s | Solmar | Rosario Varacalli

    60% is m very low for Mississauga as is.MCC requires 100% for as of right development, which most people do because there isn’t any density restrictions. It’s usually just easier to build the parking than rezone for a lower rate.
  6. innsertnamehere

    Toronto | CIBC SQUARE | 241.39m | 50s | Hines | WilkinsonEyre

    @Spitfyre love that first shot of your second post!! @someMidTowner can I make another nomination?
  7. innsertnamehere

    Toronto | Lakeview Village | ?m | ?s | Greenpark | Sasaki

    If you ever fly into SFO keep an eye out for the salt ponds in San Francisco Bay north of San Jose. The size of a small city and all just as crazy colours. Really quite neat. Probably still wouldn’t want to go swimming in it though.
  8. innsertnamehere

    Amazon Fulfillment Centre Scarborough (6351 Steeles Ave East, Manulife, Broccolini, 1s, Ware Malcomb)

    It’s just a rendering. Toronto Green Standards require a white reflective roof and even low heat absorption concrete / asphalt in parking areas. You can see the white roofs in satellite images in the area.
  9. innsertnamehere

    Holland Park Garden Gallery Redevelopment (Burlington, Brookfield / CLV / InterRent, ?, ?) Looks like this has filed for Site Plan Approval. For some reason it doesn't appear to require a rezoning. The link above is the local councillor to un-delegate Site Plan Approval so that it goes in front of...
  10. innsertnamehere

    Toronto | Exchange District Condos | 232m | 72s | Camrost-Felcorp | IBI Group

    Just in case anyone is thinking otherwise, it is extremely unlikely this will be done via implosion. This isn't going to happen in a day, it'll happen over several weeks, floor by floor.
  11. innsertnamehere

    VIA Rail

    My understanding was that HFR wanted to achieve 125mph (200km/h) speeds, at least on some portions of the line, no? My understanding is that is the highest speed you can go without fully grade separating everything, which makes it cost prohibitive. I'd be supportive of building an "Ottawa...
  12. innsertnamehere

    Toronto | The One | 308.44m | 85s | Mizrahi Developments | Foster + Partners

    Technically as long as it’s permitted in the zoning bylaw I believe unit counts can change without amending the SPA - as the SPA doesn’t regulate interior space. perhaps Mizrahi split up some of the larger units into better selling smaller units? they could just be counting the hotel as well...
  13. innsertnamehere

    Toronto | Max Condos | 113.99m | 36s | Tribute | Graziani + Corazza

    Aren't micro-investor-box kitchens just amazing?
  14. innsertnamehere

    1910 Eglinton Ave E (@ Hakimi, ?, 30s, Turner Fleischer)

    With the exception of 1891 Eglinton and Eglinton Square, everything along the south side of the Golden Mile is employment designated in the secondary plan. Which i think explains the general lack of applications. Probably not a lot of interest in purely employment based intensification up here...
  15. innsertnamehere

    1910 Eglinton Ave E (@ Hakimi, ?, 30s, Turner Fleischer)

    Has SmartCentres not submitted anything for their lands? For some reason I thought they had.