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  1. Edward Skira

    Toronto | 60 Bristol Road East | ?m | 25s | RioCan

    And Brampton at the same time. What a run it was!
  2. Edward Skira

    Canada Square potential re-development (@Duplex, Oxford, ?s, Pelli Clarke Pelli)

    I find that 2030 Proposed diagram funny. All those towers in one quadrant and basically single family in the other three.
  3. Edward Skira

    Hyatt Place Brampton? (Queen E / Goreway)

    New hotel
  4. Edward Skira

    Railroad / Elizabeth (Brampton)

    Not sure the plans here but lot fenced off.
  5. Edward Skira

    Brampton: Centre for Innovation/Ryerson University

    Spent a little time in Brampton on the weekend. The downtown is quite nice and has good bones. Stuff like this will help it grow.