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    Toronto | West Block Est. 1928, The LakeShore, and The LakeFront | 131m | 41s | Loblaw Companies | architectsAlliance

    CityPlace is hardly a destroyed neighbourhood. The last time I was there, it felt like it was coming together quite well. The new schools/community centre will add another nice layer too.
  2. condovo

    Toronto | Art Shoppe Condos | 99m | 28s | Freed | architectsAlliance

    The tall building guidelines don't speak "to one design preference over another," i.e., they're not random guidelines plucked out of thin air, based merely on notions of taste. They're not designed to deliver a building that "finally" gets you "massing I like." Even if you disagree with them...
  3. condovo

    Toronto | Eaton Centre (Ongoing Renewal) | ?m | ?s | Cadillac Fairview | Zeidler

    ^^^ Sometimes more is more.
  4. condovo

    Toronto | Eaton Centre (Ongoing Renewal) | ?m | ?s | Cadillac Fairview | Zeidler

    ^^^ I'm sure an LED display could be done in a way that's consistent with their brand.
  5. condovo

    Toronto | U Condominiums | 184m | 56s | Pemberton | architectsAlliance

    Any more info on the park? Design? Landscape architect?
  6. condovo

    Toronto | Eaton Centre (Ongoing Renewal) | ?m | ?s | Cadillac Fairview | Zeidler

    The Uniqlo frontage is pretty miserable; such a waste of prime, visual real-estate. It's crying out for an LED display.
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    Toronto | Minto Yorkville Park Condos | 76m | 25s | Minto Group | IBI Group

    2002 called. They want their building back.
  8. condovo

    Toronto | Richmond Adelaide Centre: 120 & 130 Adelaide West Recladding | 137m | 35s | Oxford Properties | WZMH

    I'm more upset by the ugly garbage bins and picnic tables in NPS. This is Toronto's front door. WTF.
  9. condovo

    Toronto | Cumberland Square | 254m | 75s | KingSett Capital | Giannone Petricone

    We're definitely moving into some sort of Neo-POMO era in architecture. This proposal's bordering on kitsch but I'm eager to see more.
  10. condovo

    Hudson's Bay Centre

    Now let's strip away the rest of the building...
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    Toronto | 8 Gloucester Street | 110m | 34s | Angel | Graziani + Corazza

    Will this be going to the DRP again? There's still basically no design here.
  12. condovo

    Toronto | Canary Block Condos | 42m | 12s | DundeeKilmer | KPMB

    It's disappointing that the balcony railings don't have the brass finish of the window wall.
  13. condovo

    Toronto | Union Park | 303m | 58s | Oxford Properties | Pelli Clarke Pelli

    Scrap or move the western tower and properly centre the other two on the Dome. My OCD is triggered by the positioning of the towers vis-a-vis the Dome.
  14. condovo

    Toronto | Daniels Waterfront - City of the Arts | 156m | 45s | Daniels | RAW Design

    I don't think the balcony glass looks horrible. It's the highlight of the building.