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    The Beer Store: Political Reasons to Keep/Kill It

    Out with the beer store. I like to drink beer around 12:00, long after the beer store is closed. Dang it, back in alberta I could find brews at 2 am.
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    London on the Esplanade - Looking to buy condo

    I assume you're talking about 25 The Esplanade. There are currently 4 available homes in this building. There are about 30 Condos for sale at different buildings on the street. Its definitely a great spot, with some of the best dining and nightlife right out the door, with subway and major...
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    Toronto Skyline From Davenport

    Great views for some lucky Old Toronto home owners
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    General cycling issues (Is Toronto bike friendly?)

    I like the cartoon. This is definitely how it feels. Your life falls into the hands of the driver behind you. On another note, freestyle biking in Toronto has become very good. There are all kinds of free riding spots in the GTA, including dirt ramps in the don valley and concrete parks in...
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    Wealthiest Neighborhood?

    I dont know about #1 wealthy, but Bloor West has, in my opinion the most upscale feel of any Toronto neighborhood. The houses around Royal York & Bloor have amazing style, along with old trees that droop into the street and people who have class. The nearby Humber River has some great spots as...
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    What is your current situation in the real estate market?

    The detached market seems pretty hot to me right now. Alot of what I watch in the west end has sold over the past couple weeks. July and August are exciting times in the market. Condos seem to be moving slower. As for the 5%... The 2.5% paid to your selling agent might seem like alot. But...
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    Closing - Next Steps

    good advice rbt. Buying new can definitely be complicated and somewhat stressful.
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    Realtor Commission Rate for million dollar homes

    exactly. Considering all of this, you can now see why "1% commission" is a scam. Realtors would be out of business if they only earned 0.5% before the split with their broker.
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    Looking for assignment at King West Life Condos (Liberty Village)

    We have 2 brand new (never lived in) units for sale at 20 Joe Shuster. These were bought pre-construction. -1 bedroom, 1 bath $250,000 each. parking is $30,000 extra. call Ryan 647 983 5016
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    So why is North York so Expensive? And Scarborough so cheap?

    Great. I'll handle these clients. North York is lovely no question. But dont forget, Scarborough also has some great neighborhoods, lakefront, less traffic, colleges, jobs, and there is still value to be found here.
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    Realtor Commission Rate for million dollar homes

    A buyer should not expect to pay any commission, although it can happen. Sellers pay 5-6% of the net proceeds in commission on closing. The buyer's rep will take half this amount. If the seller's agent brings the buyer (multiple representation) the seller's rep claims the entire commission...
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    Canadian debt -

    Im 30 and owe ZERO. Of course Im renting and do not have a mortgage. But guys it can be done. My advice: Reduce debt as much as possible. I meet alot of people who want a house but cannot buy a house because of silly debt like credit cards and car payments. If you cant pay cash for that...
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    Baby, we got a bubble!?

    I just dont see it. Toronto is expensive, but all I see here is the simple concept of supply and demand. Get outside the city and there are some very affordable options. Our economy is not perfect, but there is no need to lose any sleep. Graphs and statistics can prove the point either way...