The Well
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The Well is a new, open and vibrant mixed-use community in downtown Toronto where people can live, work, and shop well. Spread over seven and a half acres, The Well borders Wellington, Spadina and Front Streets. Visitors, employees and residents will be drawn to its robust retail mix, dynamic amenities, premium office space, entertainment and cultural events. The Well will become a gathering place, reflecting the heart and soul of Toronto, inspiring us and improving our quality of life.

RioCan and Allied share a vision for The Well. We believe that working well is how important things get done. We believe having places to shop well creates a lively destination. We believe that a vibrant community is well mixed. We believe design can contribute to a well balanced life. We believe a great community is connected to its city. We believe a well built and sustainable neighbourhood is our legacy.



A new community in the heart of Toronto – distinct, dynamic, radiating brilliant urban design.

A space where everyone will be connected, where you can discover countless opportunities to engage in urban life.

A one-of-a-kind neighbourhood planned for people of all ages who love Toronto.

Shops, offices and residences that flow together, offering texture and fullness to everyday city living.

Welcome to THE WELL, a new, open and vibrant mixed-use community in Downtown Toronto West where we can live, work, shop and play well.

Spread over seven and a half acres, the contemporary neighbourhood will border Wellington, Spadina and Front Streets; it promises to capture the dreams of all who wish to enjoy the best of Toronto.


It’s time to redefine how we shop. THE WELL will have world-class shopping and entertainment options in an accessible space that is alive with residents, people coming to work or just stopping by for coffee or a meal.

From international anchor stores to one-of-a-kind local boutiques, THE WELL will be home to a robust retail mix that will elevate the shopping scene in Toronto. The community will be easily accessible from the surrounding streets and the mix of residential, retail and business traffic will ensure that THE WELL is bustling with activity seven days a week.

The brilliant, friendly design will boast desirable amenities, like gourmet coffee shops, restaurants and grocery stores. Pedestrians will go about their way along well designed lanes, stopping to rest or chat with a friend at one of the many well positioned seating clusters.


It’s time to redefine how we work. THE WELL will be an inspiring environment that attracts companies large and small. Employees will be motivated to excel in a vibrant, contemporary office space that soars above THE WELL’s retail shops. And, minutes away, are waterfront paths for runners and cyclists who want to break up their day with exercise.

THE WELL will radiate connectivity. Offering over a million square feet of high-quality, flexible office space, THE WELL’s modern design will make it an ideal centre for businesses large and small, with commanding views of the city and easy access to public transportation, main connections and parking.

THE WELL is a destination where we will love to come to work. It will offer dining choices for client lunches, gourmet coffee shops for an afternoon snack and dinner options. With its excellent access to public transit and a wide range of retail boutiques and entertainment, there will be little reason to rush away at the end of the day.

It’s time to redefine how we live. THE WELL will offer a mix of beautifully-designed living spaces that we will be proud to call home; close to everything we need to pursue a healthy, fulfilling and engaged urban life.

THE WELL is creating over a million square feet of residential space that offers Torontonians a rich experience of life in our city. There will be homes to accommodate everyone’s lifestyle from single to retired to growing families.

In short, what makes THE WELL so special is how it pulls together all the elements of our lives so that we can live, shop and work well, all in a new community that already has wonderful, well-established neighbours.

Address 410 Front St. W., Toronto, Ontario
Category Condo, Office, Public Space, Rental, Retail, Townhouse
Status Under Construction
Height 571 ft / 174.03 m, 516 ft / 157.27 m, 447 ft / 136.24 m, 267 ft / 81.38 m, 205 ft / 62.48 m, 205 ft / 62.48 m, 183 ft / 55.78 m
Storeys 36, 46, 39, 22, 16, 16, 14
Number of Units 1818

Landscape Architect Claude Cormier + Associés
Interior Designer figure3 Interior Design
Flooring Kentwood
Security Live Patrol Inc.
Supplier VDF Vertical
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