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Multipli'city Mural Project In Progress at Underpass Park

Mural, Underpass Park, Mural Routes, Toronto, Street Art, StART, Corktown
August 8, 2017 5:05 pm | by Salena Barry | Comments
Every Thursday, Underpass Park at Lower River and King has its Farmers' Market. A series of stalls buzz with a friendly conversation between community members and vendors, children play on ... read more

Bala Underpass Mural Adds Colour to Lower Don River Trail

The ribbon is cut, image by Marcus Mitanis
October 5, 2015 11:25 am | by Marcus Mitanis | Comments
A new mural has added a splash of colour to the Lower Don River Trail. Formerly a plain concrete pedestrian and cycling tunnel, StreetARToronto (StART) has transformed the Bala Underpass with an ... read more

Murals Complete Rejuvenation of Uber-Urban Underpass Park

Underpass Park, Toronto
July 14, 2015 5:45 pm | by Stefan Novakovic | Comments
On Monday, July 13th, UrbanToronto joined representatives from the City of Toronto in celebrating—and officially unveiling—the collection of murals that now grace roadside pillars in Underpass ... read more

River City Dog Owners to Enjoy Off-Leash Emma Park

Emma Park, River City, Urban Capital, Saucier + Perrotte, Toronto
July 2, 2015 2:30 pm | by Marcus Mitanis | Comments
It seems condominium developers in Toronto are always looking to outdo their own earlier projects, and set themselves apart from their competition, by including a diverse range of amenities with ... read more

Pan Am Village Legacy Discussed at Urban Land Institute Event

The West Don Lands in its current state, image courtesy of Pan Am Village webcam
February 2, 2015 1:18 pm | by Marcus Mitanis | Comments
With the Pan Am Games quickly approaching, all eyes are on the West Don Lands, an area on Toronto's waterfront that was a contaminated brownfield just a few short years ago. From July 10-26 and ... read more

The Canary District: Toronto Gets a New Neighbourhood in 2016

March 28, 2014 5:45 pm | by Craig White | Comments
Toronto will see something extraordinary happen in the West Don Lands in 2016: a whole neighbourhood will be born over the course of about six months. Starting that March residents will begin to ... read more

Southeast of Downtown: Growth to Watch For in 2014

Southeast of Downtown: Growth to Watch For in 2014
January 21, 2014 6:00 pm | by Jack Landau | Comments
Toronto is growing like never before in 2014, and we have been taking you through parts of town to show you what you can expect over the course of the year. read more

A New Park Opens in the West Don Lands: Meet Corktown Common

Exploring the pavilion at Corktown Common park by Waterfront Toronto
June 28, 2013 5:10 pm | by Craig White | Comments
Hey Toronto, you've got another new park courtesy of Waterfront Toronto… and your own tax dollars of course, but we're betting you're going to be pretty happy with how they have been spent. As of ... read more

Neighbourhood Node: (Re)Introducing Corktown

Row houses, Bright Street, Corktown
April 5, 2013 12:30 pm | by Jason Allen | Comments
As Toronto undergoes its largest-ever revitalization, some of its forgotten neighbourhoods re-emerge from the past. One area that is definitely seeing its share of development currently is ... read more

Underpass Park being readied for Phase Two Opening this Spring

Underpass Park, Toronto
April 2, 2013 5:45 pm | by Stephanie Calvet | Comments
While underused land is quickly being snatched up in Toronto for new density, City initiatives are also in place to improve the quality of life of its residents. Creating new parks and public ... read more

Urban Capital's River City Condos Construction Update

River City Condos view from northwest, Urban Capital Toronto
October 23, 2012 4:15 pm | by Jack Landau | Comments
With the flurry of construction activity underway in the West Don Lands and surrounding area, the signs of change are becoming apparent. As pits are excavated and cranes are raised inside the ... read more

Waterfront Toronto's Year in Review

Underpass Park, Toronto. Built by Waterfront Toronto
September 18, 2012 2:54 pm | by Evan Manning | Comments
The projects initiated by Waterfront Toronto are of enormous civic value. Learning from the errors that led to a largely lacklustre central waterfront, the tripartite organization is working to ... read more

Topping Off August 2012: What's Hot On UrbanToronto

Bay Street south of Front looking north, 1929 Toronto
September 4, 2012 4:49 pm | by Anonymous | Comments
In the real estate and development industry, August tends to pass by at a crawl. Construction slows down amidst the city's scorching temperatures, and those lucky enough head off to a lakeside ... read more

UPDATED: Rob Ford Tests The Equipment at Newly Opened Underpass Park

Rob Ford tests the equipment at Underpass Park, Toronto
August 2, 2012 11:16 am | by Craig White | Comments
Waterfront Toronto has officially opened Underpass Park at River Street in the West Don Lands, a key piece of their West Don Lands development project. The event had a number of notable photo-ops, ... read more

Photo of the Day: Underpass Park

Underpass Park, Toronto. Built by Waterfront Toronto
July 30, 2012 12:00 am | by Evan Manning | Comments
Monolithic and unrelenting, the Gardiner Expressway is our city's most maligned piece of infrastructure. Erupting from Lakeshore, the roadway courses its way through downtown Toronto severing and ... read more

Photo of the Day: Hot Pink Underpass Park

Underpass Park, Toronto
April 5, 2012 10:00 am | by Evan Manning | Comments
Sourced by our moderator AlvinofDiaspar, and taken by Waterfront Toronto, this picture provides an evening view of one of the city's newest parks. Located under and around the Eastern Avenue, ... read more

Photo Of The Day: Don River Park's River Square Nearing Completion

Don River Park and River Square Toronto by Waterfront Toronto
January 27, 2012 1:00 am | by Edward Skira | Comments
A whole new world is coming to the east side of downtown Toronto this year as Don River Park nears completion. Today's Photo Of The Day, taken by UrbanToronto Forum member rdaner, shows the nearly ... read more

Photo Of The Day: Waterfront Toronto's Underpass Park Coming Along Nicely

Underpass Park Toronto By Waterfront Toronto
October 26, 2011 12:00 am | by Edward Skira | Comments
Work is proceeding nicely on Waterfront Toronto's new Underpass Park. Today's Photo Of The Day, taken by UrbanToronto Forum member androiduk, shows the current progress on the project. Image by ... read more

Waterfront Toronto Set to Transform Don Valley Overpasses with Underpass Park

Underpass Park Toronto By Waterfront Toronto
May 25, 2011 1:38 pm | by Arik Day | Comments
Waterfront Toronto's highly anticipated Underpass Park is set to begin construction on Thursday, May 26, 2011. Image by Waterfront Toronto read more

Underpass Park Underway in the West Donlands

Underpass Park in Toronto by Urban Capital, Phillips Farevaag Smallenberg, Raff
November 2, 2010 4:40 pm | by Craig White | Comments
UrbanToronto recently attended a special presentation on the upcoming Underpass Park as part of Urban Capital’s speaker series ‘River City: The Big Picture.’ The gathering, hosted by Urban ... read more